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Review - Wings by A.K. Hartline

by A.K. Hartline

Goodreads blurb:  "For he will put his angels in charge of you,to guard you in all your ways," his mother finished. She closed the book and smiled down at Heath; teacher and student, mother and son, the only two in the class room of a small and dying church. "Mom do I really have a guardian angel?" he asked. "One for me, just for me?" His little face shone with inquiry and wonder. She placed a hand on his arm, and looked into the boy's eyes. "Yes, my son, you do."

"Wings" is a sweeping tale of the tempting power of darkness and the redeeming force of light; the story of a boy turned man on life's twisting road, where he encounters evil creatures from the vampire world, and faces hard choices with profound consequences.

This book is Vol. 1 of 2.

About the Author:  A.K. Hartline was born in the small town of Jasper, Tennessee, one of five children raised in a solid, loving family. With a voracious appetite for reading, he very early began to put pen to paper, writing his imaginations. After many years writing songs and poems, he turned his mind and energies to novels. He and his family reside in Hixson, Tennessee, and he enjoys, among other things, gardening, cooking, music and art.

Connect with A.K.:

My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 unicorns - I really liked it!
**Received a copy from the author for an honest review, but have now picked up my own copy too!!
The cover definitely grabs your attention and sticks to the theme of light and darkness or good vs. evil.  There are some parts that I thought were slow, but it sometimes happen when building new worlds.  Most of the parts were early on and before the vampires made an appearance. 

Heath is a great guy and character.  You definitely go on an emotional rollercoaster with him including anger, sadness, happiness, and more.

The vampires are sort of classic bad guys, but there are modern twists that are unique.  I like when a story is different from everything else I’ve read.

I really like that I haven’t been able to guess what was going to happen, but I definitely still have some questions that I’m hoping the next book answers because I hate not knowing and only having my suspicions of what is going on.  I wonder how long I have to wait for book 2 :)

I recommend to all the people out there who want a more traditional vampire story where they are not the good guys, but they are also not mindless and just attacking people either.

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