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Review - Been Loving You Too Long by Seraphina Donavan @MissSeraphinaD

Been Loving You Too Long
DuChamps Dynasty #1
by Seraphina Donavan

Goodreads blurb:  Ophelia Broulliard’s life has always been linked to the wealthy and powerful DuChamps family. The granddaughter of the family’s housekeeper, she’s worshipped Vincent DuChamps from afar--the ever unattainable prince in her fairy tale dreams. Little does she know that Vincent harbors his own secret feelings for her, but other darker secrets that he sees as an insurmountable obstacle to ever being the man she deserves, have prompted him to avoid her altogether.

When Thomas, the family patriarch dies, his will bears some unpleasant surprises for them both. Thomas wants nothing more than for Vincent and his siblings to be happy, and in his final act as the only father figure they’ve ever had, engineers a series of contingencies in his will that require them each to face their demons. Only too aware of what Vincent really feels for Ophelia, Thomas creates a situation that will force Vincent to confront his feelings. Unless, Vincent and Ophelia marry, Vincent and his siblings will lose everything, including the family business.

Forced into such close proximity, denying their attraction for one another becomes impossible. But even as they grow closer, other threats to the future of DuChamps Hotels and all that Vincent holds dear threaten to destroy their burgeoning relationship. Ophelia has played it safe her whole life. Taking a risk on Vincent is a frightening prospect. Will it be worth it, or will his secrets break both their hearts?

About the Author:  Seraphina Donavan is a hopeless romantic with a wicked & oh-so-dirty mind! Those things, combined with her love of writing, prompted her to take the leap and transform those fantasies into written words on a page. As a curvy girl herself, Seraphina has made it a point to celebrate those women with delicious curves with her work through writing and the hot men who love them.
She currently has 11 published books & is working on many more..
Living in Central Kentucky, Seraphina spends her time rescuing stray animals, working for a non-profit agency and dreaming of becoming a best-selling author. She lives in a home that has more character than working parts and enjoys spending time with her fur babies.

Connect with Seraphina:

My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 unicorns - I really liked it!!
**I got this book on Amazon during a Free promo, but I was alerted to it because I’m a judge for Author Reader Con and asked to read it.

Okay, the cover doesn’t do anything for me.  It is not that there is anything wrong with it, but there is also nothing to attract me to this book in the cover.

I do not usually read Contemporary Romance, but I found I really liked this story.  I loved that it was set in New Orleans, and I think this is why I connected to it.  I have been New Orleans several times because when I was in the Air Force, I was stationed near there for tech school.  I loved the French Quarter.

This story sort of reminds me of the movie The Gift with the will stuff going on after Thomas’ death.  I really liked how Vincent loves his family and takes care of them.  He is strong, but his demons keep him from finding what he needs.

Ophelia is sweet and caring, but I was a little annoyed at times because I would have liked her to be more confident and strong.  Again that’s just my personal preference.

I loved the connections made to New Orleans because it made me connect to everything.  If you are a fan of New Orleans and Contemporary Romance, then this is probably a great story for you :)  I personally want to see what happens in Kaitlyn’s story in book 2 because she seems more like what I want my female lead to be :)

Interested in reading??

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