Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cover Reveal - Firstborn by Ryan Attard @Enkousama

Author’s Note Firstborn

As an avid reader of fantasy and fiction books, Ryan got tired of waiting for his favourite authors to publish their next novels and decided to simply entertain himself instead. He would then spend the next 3 years learning in excruciating detail how come it takes authors such a long time to write a book that they can live with.

Ryan lives on a tiny island, sometimes not even shown on maps, where his only friends are animated drawings and disembodied voices. And since everything in the outside world is boring to him, he took a journey inwards with some of his own made up characters.

Enter the Legacy Series, a story about a cursed wizard with a huge magical handicap, a talking demonic cat and an evil twin sister as they save the world from evil in its various forms.

The name Firstborn has a quintuple meaning: Erik is a firstborn son, the main villain is considered a firstborn in biblical terms, the book is the first of the series and it is also Ryan’s first ever book. There is also another meaning but he cannot reveal it without divulging a secret which would unravel the end of the series.

According to his colleagues, manager and whip-bearer, Ryan is horribly addicted to what he does. He writes and writes and writes; sometimes forgetting to do those silly things like eat or sleep. Sometimes he looks up and wonders where last night’s starry skies have gone and why are there so many people walking on the street. Sometimes he deludes himself into taking a break, by going to a movie or listening to an album – but when he does, he is watching and listening, absorbing ideas and inspirations. Sometimes he even watches you, waiting in the shadows, in darkest recesses of your mind.

Ryan would like to declare that he should not be taken seriously. He is one of those annoying and slightly insane people who have conversations with wisps of air and write their Author’s Note in the third person.

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Now on to the cover reveal….

by Ryan Attard

Book Blurb:  Meet Erik Ashendale, wizard.

He solves all kinds of problems of a magical and freaky nature.
Especially when it comes to hunting down the supernatural.

So when he and his talking cat are asked to protect a girl who’s being chased by a big-time demon, they can hardly refuse, especially when the rent's due.

Once the fight takes shape, Erik and the rest of his unlikely companions have to pit themselves against the elemental forces of good and evil: angels, demons, a Japanese monster, 1/7 of the Deadly Sins, talking pets . . . and even a morally ambiguous twin sister gets thrown into the mix.

In order to stay alive, Erik must deal with his terrible past and the secrets of his family. And he must never forget the most important rule of his twisted world: Nothing is ever what it seems.

 My Thoughts - Between the cover and the blurb, this is sounds like it is going to be a great read.  Look for a review coming soon :)

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