Saturday, July 27, 2013

Woohoo!! I got to go to my first ever author book signing where I met Pamela Fagan Hutchins!!

Today, I went to Springfield, MO.  This is the first time I've found a book event close enough for me to go to!!!  YAY!!!  I talk my mom and grandma into going to and of course I dragged my son with me too!!  :)

Pamela travels in style with her dog Petey and her son was with her too!! Though, she did have some trouble, but repair man hooked her up and fixed most of the trouble.  You can keep looking for the whole story on her website.

We arrived really early, so we had to scope out the book store first.

ABC Books in Springfield, MO, has new and used books, so it was a treasure trove of books.  I had to behave myself, but talked my mom into getting 2 books I want to read later (we share paperbacks!) and grandma left with 7 books.  Check out this store by clicking the picture below for their website!!

Okay, now onto when I first see Pamela :)

She was in the process of signing books for another person.

When she was done, I said Hi, and she was asking about how we knew about the signing.  As soon as I said Goodreads, she asked are you Cassandra.  It was cool that she remembered me :)

I'm not sure, but hell may have frozen over because I am now going to post a pic of Pamela & me, and I just don't do pictures.  I'm not a photogenic person, but Pamela is beautiful :)

Pamela talked with my family and me for over an hour about all sorts of stuff from books to animals to traveling in an RV.  In the midst of all this talking, I get to meet her beloved Petey.

Petey loves everyone :) So want to see what I got :) and they are signed!!  *insert girly scream here!!

See even my cat Twister had to check out my haul :)  

I also was given a couple of books to giveaway on my blog, so be looking for those giveaways soon as well as some signed bookmarks :)

Best moment!!!  Pamela called her son over for something (whatever it was in his wallet I think...which was in his pocket) but to get his wallet out, he had to pull a half eaten sandwich out of his pocket that he had forgotten he put there and continued eating it like it was completely normal.  We were all falling out laughing!!  It made my day for the laugh alone!!  He is a smart kid too as he is soon heading to A&M for college.

Look for a book spotlight and giveaway in the next day or two when I get back home to my house :)  I hope I get to meet more authors soon because this was a blast and Pamela rocks!!!

If you want to try to catch up with her at one of her stops in the tour she is on, check it out HERE!!!  She has stops in Oklahoma for the next 2 days, then Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, Colorado, and more :)  Look for her!!!

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