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Series Spotlight - The Dreaming Series by Jan Hawkins

The Dreaming Series Spotlight
by Jan Hawkins

About the Series:  It is an ancient Lore. They are a people who live by different rules in a modern world. Reach out and touch the Dreaming of the Ancient Australian Aboriginal Lore, travel with the Rainbow Serpent and other Spirit Creatures of the Dreamtime. Learn how a world very different from your own survives amongst us. The loves, trials and passions of the Shaman who live sheltered by their Lore and yet who walk amongst us, ordering our lives in what is the oldest land on Earth.

Each book, of the four books in the Dreaming Series is a story in its own right. Each Shaman you follow lives within the boundaries of the lives of others and yet their stories are unique, phenomenal and rich in diversity and ripe in challenge. The Dreaming Series – a flight into another world.

Shadow Dreaming
The Dreaming #1

Goodreads blurb:  This is a story of your adventure into understanding the world around you. It is the story of Taipan's love for Aine, and hers for him, and their struggle to find a place for their passion. It is the story of a families struggle in a world that is constantly changing.

Sky Song
The Dreaming #2

Goodreads blurb:  Discover the world of the Spirit Men who govern our lives and learn of the Dreamtime and the Spirit creatures of another world within our own. Come on a journey with Sean and Jenna as they fight to preserve their love for each other in a world that would deny them their future.

Readers will delight in being able to follow the lives of the characters such as Sean, the younger brother of Taipan who we meet in the first book. Also a Shaman of his Community, Sean must find his way out from living in the shadow of his brother, and learn to deal with his love for Jenna who is discovering her own way in a world outside of the Community where they grew up and yet still deal with the binds of her unique culture.

This story explores the characters' lives, their loves and the balance of the world in which we all live. It is a blending of modern culture with the ancient spiritual culture of our indigenous Australians. Learn of the Spirit Creatures of the Dreamtime and about the men and women who are so much part of The Dreaming.

Spirits of the Rock
The Dreaming #3

Goodreads Blurb:  Journey with Andrew, as he tests the powers of the Australian Aboriginal Shaman, those gifted him in an ancient battle of tribal clans and the Spirit Men. Caught up in the draw between the Lore of the Rainbow Serpent into which he was raised and that of the Wandjina, a Lore belonging to the woman he loves. He must fight to find a balance in his life and the lives of his family before everything he holds dear is destroyed or taken from him.

Step with Tom as he struggles to come to terms with his own emerging strengths and meet Alex, a woman of the Bama who gets caught up in the lives of the two men as they walk through the shadows of the desert and savannah, drawn into its secret places. The story explores the contemporary lives of Australian Aboriginal Shaman who live within a family-based Community in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales.

Caverns of the Dreamtime
The Dreaming #4

Goodreads Blurb:  The 4th and last book in The Dreaming Series, we journey with Tom as he matures into the Ancient Lore he was born to. Lost in the struggle between the Australian Aboriginal Lore and his fight to discover just who he is, Tom tries to make sense in the influences of the world around him and to find a place amongst his people.
Reach into the Dreamtime and meet the ancient Kadimakara, creatures of a world of shadow. Learn about the balance of the worlds and the Spirit Men who influence and attempt to govern our very lives.

Travel with Tom as he steps into the world of the Sorcerer’s and struggles to find his way back towards the world he knows. Faced with the decision about his future he has to decide which mould he would chose for himself and in which way he will model his life.

About Jan:  Australian Author, Jan Hawkins, was raised in the Australian bush on the outskirts of Sydney on the Georges River. Now residing in Queensland, she spent 20 years in education at secondary level in the IT field. Her love of computers pales in comparison to her love of the Australian bush. She is passionate about the history of her country and a strong desire to discover and experience new places fuels her desire to travel extensively throughout the land. Along the way she relishes being able to listen to people and to share and enjoy the adventure she calls life.

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