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I.O. Book Tours Cover Reveal for Kiss Me in Paris by Kimberly Kinrade & Dmytry Karpov

Kiss Me In Paris
by Kimberly Kinrade & Dmytry Karpov
When the city of love brings two lost souls together, only their darkest secrets can tear them apart.

Winter Deveaux tried love once. It didn't end well. Unable to open herself up to another heartbreak, she hides in her romance novels as she struggles to break out as a real author. She thinks Paris holds the answer to a new start, but when her nightmare follows her across the world, she's forced to face the darkness living like cancer inside her soul. If she doesn't, she might miss her chance to become the kind of writer she's always wanted to be. But more than that, she'll miss out on the greatest love she's ever known.

Cade Savage is heir to the largest ranching family in Texas. Part cowboy, part architect, Cade has his feet forever in two worlds. When he receives an acceptance letter from the school of his dreams, he must decide between family and destiny. But ghosts from his past still haunt him, and circumstances beyond his control may decide his fate.

When Winter and Cade meet, everything they believe about life, love and what it means to be happy is put to the test.

Will the magic of Paris pull these two lost souls together? Or will their darkest secrets tear them apart?
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Full length novel: 87, 000 words

Kiss Me in Paris is a standalone novel in the Kiss Me Series. Travel the world with the Deveaux sisters as they find love, and trouble, in all the right places.

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About Kimberly Kinrade and Dmytry Karpov
Dmytry and Kimberly are the husband and wife writing team behind the KISS ME Series, Eye of Newt, Sunrise and Nightfall, Wanderlust, and The Fallen Series.
Kimberly is the award-winning, bestselling author of the New Adult paranormal romance series The Seduced Saga, the YA paranormal thriller/romance The Forbidden Trilogyand children's fantasy series The Three Lost Kids.
Dmytry writes fantasy—be it urban, dark or epic—is a musical composer, pianist, and designs books covers (exclusively for his wife's and their co-authored books).
They live with three little girls who think they're ninja princesses with super powers and who are also showing a propensity for telling tall tales and using the written word to weave stories of wonder and magic.
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AND now something extra special :)

Bonus Excerpt From Chapter 5: Winter

I push open the bathroom door and hear one of the showers running, a familiar pair of boots and cowboy hat propped on the bench. "Oh crap," I whisper. "This is co-ed. Cade's in here. What are we going to do?" The room steams up, choking me on the heat. I have to get to a bathroom, but I've already embarrassed myself beyond redemption in front of Cade. This. This would be beyond horrifying. I'd rather implode from my own shit than take the world's biggest dump with the sexy Texas Cowboy listening in.

Jenifer, despite being slumped over in pain, peeks around my shoulder to try to get a look at Cade.

I smack her. "Stop spying."

She licks her lips. "I can't. I know it's bad, but it feels so good."

"Gross. Okay, I can't take it anymore. I'm going in."

"No. No, you're not." Jenifer grabs my arm. "You do not go to the bathroom beside a hot man like that."

"We don't have a choice." Oh God. I can't hold it in any longer. I'm going to die. Die.

Jenifer groans. "We can find a different bathroom, maybe on another floor."

"No time," I say as another cramp grips me.

"Winter?" Cade's voice travels through the steam. "Winter, is that you?"

Of course. Of course this is how my life is. I open my mouth to respond, and can't. Instead, I run into the stall, pull my pants down and… Oh God.

It's like evil demons are being exorcised through my ass.

Jenifer covers for me while the vile darkness leaves my body. "No. Just Jenifer. Just me."

As annoying as Jenifer is, I'll owe her for this save.

When I'm confident I've been purged from all evil, I reach for the toilet paper, anxious to get out of there before the stench hits Cade and he comes looking for a dead body, only to find me, wishing I was dead.



We didn't bring the toilet paper.

"Jenifer!" I whisper in that way that's like a yell, but you hope it still sounds like a whisper. "They don't have any toilet paper in here. Can you get me some?"



She bangs on the stall door. "Oh God. I need to throw up."

"Then find a toilet and throw up. Just hurry."

"Can't. They're all taken. Let me in." Her feet shuffle back and forth under the door.

"What? No! I need toilet paper." I flush the toilet, but I can't pull my pants up until I wipe.

"Open up. Please. Open. I'm dying."

Le sigh. I thought this night couldn't get any worse. I was so wrong.

I pull down my shirt to cover myself, hoping I'm not getting shit all over it, then crouch in the corner and open the stall. "Come on. Hurry, though. God."

Jenifer runs in, crashes to her knees, vomit spewing out of her mouth before she reaches the toilet. It sprays onto me, onto her shirt and face, onto the floor, until she finally reaches the bowl. She continues heaving until her stomach runs dry and only bile comes out. Staring into the toilet, she pulls back and speaks at the top of her voice. "Oh my God, it's your shit. I just vomited over your shit."

This is us. Bonding over vomit and shit. "I'm sorry. It must have clogged."

The smell of vomit, the sight of vomit everywhere, brings bile to my throat, and I lean over and release what's left of my dinner into the toilet as well.

Someone knocks on the door to our stall. "Is everything okay in there?" Cade sounds concerned, and I want to cry.

It's too late to save face. "We got food poisoning," I say. "Can you please bring us some toilet paper?" And new clothes, and a mop, and, oh, I don't know, a time machine?

Jenifer vomits again, her body finding unexpected reserves. "Oh my God," she yells. "It's like I'm giving birth from my mouth."

Please share you thoughts with Dmytry & Kimberly :)

I think it is mysterious and beautiful much like I would think of Paris :)  What do you think?

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