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Review - Bearly Hanging On by Lynn Red (Jamesburg Shifters #6)

Bearly Hanging On
The Jamesburg Shifters #6
by Lynn Red

Goodreads blurb:  From NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY best-selling author Lynn Red comes a steamy, sensual, seductively hilarious shifter romance!

Jamie Ampton is a sharp-tongued, pointy-toothed, vampy shifter with a penchant for neatly done-up hair buns and a habit of attracting EXACTLY the wrong sort of guy. Guys with a dash of arrogance, a pinch of cocky swagger turn her head... but when her last one turned out to be more “self-important jackass” and less “gruff and strong and takes what he wants,” it left her cold.

So to speak.

Ryan Drake has a dark past and a mysterious present. When he shows up demanding the town alpha do his part to care for Jamesburg’s aging shifters, the first thing Jamie notices is that her heart starts beating a little quicker. The second is a knot in the pit of her stomach. And then, before she can catch her breath, he stares straight into her eyes.

She’s never been one for the big, loud, muscled-up types, but in the space of two breaths, the elegantly detached Jamie finds herself falling for a bear.

Little does Jamie know that before he stomped into that courtroom, Ryan decided that nothing was gonna stop him from getting what he wanted. But, once he saw Jamie? Suddenly there were two things that this massive blue-eyed alpha bear were going to have, no matter what it took: help for his friends... and Jamie.

And Ryan? Ryan is one bear who ALWAYS takes what he wants.

***The Jamesburg Shifters is a series of standalone novels each with a unique hero and heroine, and HEA! No cliffhangers here – the stories can be enjoyed in any order you like, though once you start, you might not want to stop!***  

About the Author:  Lynn doesn't love anything more than being wrapped up in a hammock with her corgi on her stomach and a pile of her favorite books to read. And by "pile of books" she means "a kindle."
She loves all sorts of romance, but especially ones that feature big, strong alphas who will stop at nothing to prove themselves to the women who melt their hearts.

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Connect with Lynn:

My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 Unicorns - I really liked it!!

***Received the ebook for an honest review
The cover is awesome :) I love it!!  Very sexy :)

This is my favorite bat’s story, yay Jamie!!!  Okay I really liked Jamie before, but I like her even more now :)  I really enjoyed this story as I have all the other Jamesburg books I have read so far.

I think the ending was a little abrupt compared to other stories by Lynn, and I thought I was going to get more info on Jamie when she shared it with her bear, but it never came though it was hinted to by Jenga.  You definitely get more crazy alpha and town council which is always amusing as well as our 2 favorite zombie bears :) 

Lynn always does a fantastic job with her writing and descriptions.  You always have a vivid picture in your head while you read :)  I wonder who’s story will be next :)

I recommend this series to any werebear lovers especially if you are a Lynn Red fan :)

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