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Audiobook Review - Rival by Lacy Yager @lacyyager (Unholy Alliance #2)

Unholy Alliance #2
by Lacy Yager

Goodreads blurb:  Her destiny. His determination.
Born a fifth generation vampire Chaser, seventeen-year-old Emily Santos wants nothing more than to join the family business. But Emily's mother refuses, so Emily must channel her aggression into her martial arts training.

Black belt senior Brett Carson has decided it's time to rid himself of his unrequited feelings for Emily. But when he finds himself in the middle of an altercation with Emily and a gang of vampires, he is drawn into a world he never expected. And Brett is hiding a secret of his own...

About the Authors:  LACY YAGER married her college sweetheart and became Lacy Williams. She also writes Inspirational romance under her married name. As the oldest of three siblings, Lacy exhibits most of the typical first-child characteristics and has always loved to boss around her younger siblings. Now that she’s married with kids, she has plenty of people to play house with!

During high school, Lacy completed the course WRITING FOR CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS from the Institute of Children’s Literature. After she graduated college, Lacy got serious about her writing career and joined the American Christian Fiction Writers. When presented with the opportunity to write mainstream YA with her younger sister, Lacy couldn’t say no.

Connect with Lacy:

Narrated by Jessie Goodwin, you can find other books narrated by her HERE!!!

My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 Unicorns - I really liked it!!!

I have this book in ebook in a bundled boxed set, and I won an audiobook copy through a multi-author giveaway to get through Audible. 

The cover is fierce, and I like it :)

I love a tough female lead who can kick butt and Emily definitely fits :)  This story was awesome, and I loved it :)  Even my son loved the story! 

Brett is amazing that he can handle the new things sprung on him and the things he must deal with daily.

This story is full of action and excitement, and a cameo appearance from Shane which my son loved because he gets upset when a book series doesn’t keep to the same characters each book (makes me laugh a little when he finds out the characters are different!!)

I definitely did not like that there was a new narrator for this book, and the narrator is one I have no problem not listening to again.  This narrator reminds me of the Clear Eyes commercial and the teacher from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  You guessed it very monotone and no change in voice for any of the characters.

I definitely recommend the story to everyone who enjoyed book 1 and to those YA book lovers who love Vampire/Hunter books with all sorts of battles and action.

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Interested in reading???

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