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Review - Temptation by Tarrah Betts @TarrahBetts

Journal of the Wolves of Spruce Hollow #1
by Tarrah Betts

Goodreads blurb:  Weres can only take one mate in their lifetime and are blood bound until death and Roan Sabre is no exception.
As the Beta of the Spruce Hollow Were pack, he is dominant and self assured.
That is until the force of nature that is Aspen Greystone comes bursting into his life with her mass of strawberry blond curls and pale green eyes.
When the Fates deliver Roan's blood born mate into his arms much too early, he is torn between his duty and loyalty to the pack and the beautiful girl who sets his blood on fire.

About the Author:  I am a freelance author and paranormal romance writer. My latest book, Temptation: Journal of the Wolves of Spruce Hollow is now available on I am constantly fascinated by the dichotomy of "Good" and "Evil" that lurks within the human psyche. I am philosophical, quirky, sarcastic and funny. Someone once called me a "tart", but I assume that's because I'm sweet and delicious. I am a fiery, tempestuous consumer of the souls of men...

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My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 Unicorns - I more than liked it!!
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The cover is beautiful and totally the reason I was drawn to this book.

This book is a nice start to a series.  It definitely draws you into Aspen and Roan’s lives and issues.  This is the first book by Tarrah.

It did take me a while to get used to Tarrah’s writing style, but I can’t put my finger on what it is that caused it.  I definitely wish that there was more action rather than teen angst because I wanted an action packed read.  This book is all about the drama of having a mate who is too young to claim who gets into lots of teen trouble.  This almost seems like a YA book with the teen drama, but I know it is much too mature.  This is not the typical shifter romance because Aspen is still just sixteen.

Tarrah is really good at showing you how Aspen feels especially the second half of the book which is what won me over from just liking this book.  The one thing that killed me is where she left off because you have no idea what is going to happen, and I can’t see read what happens next because it isn’t out yet.  I am definitely going to read book 2 when it comes out.

Currently on sale at Amazon for 99 cents and worth the read.

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