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Book Blast - Devil's Dilemma by Sirena Robinson

Devil’s Dilemma
by Sirena Robinson

Blurb:  Griffin Javensen was born to die--to save a world that sought to destroy her and for a God that had forsaken her.

Griffin is the Chosen, a representative of the human race who will make the ultimate sacrifice in order to preserve humanity and keep the world from ending. It all started the night she was ripped from her mother's body. One second earlier or later, and she'd have been fine. But she was born at the right time, in the right circumstances, and she is Chosen. It was all downhill from there. 

She is tormented through ten events granted to Alaria, a Devil who has been placed as Lucifer's proxy and who has one foot in Hell and the other in Heaven. Alaria's job is to convince Griffin that God has abandoned her. If she can do that, there's a good chance Griffin will Choose Hell and demons will get to rule the world. There's only one problem: Alaria wants what only God can give her, and what only Griffin can ask for: her humanity.

On her 29th birthday, instead of cake and ice cream, Griffin celebrates with demons and hell hounds. After barely escaping alive, it becomes obvious that she needs protection. Dr. Allen Winslow, the doctor who has saved her life several times, also happens to be from Warrior lines. Who better to protect Griffin than the best Warrior alive?

Enter Braxton--a rough and tumble Warrior with a chip on his shoulder, who has been having visions of Griffin since he was four years old--and Gabriel--an Archangel determined to save the world, desperately in love with the one woman he should never have, and torn between playing by the rules and doing what is right. There is only one goal--survive to January 1st.

Griffin's duty is to offer her life as payment for the dubious privilege of being Chosen. The choice she has to make is simple: Heaven or Hell. Unfortunately, she is not simply choosing for herself. Her decision will determine the fate of humanity. As her time gets continuously shorter and the danger becomes more and more real, Braxton and Griffin make unlikely alliances and struggle with unstoppable emotions.

As midnight rushes closer and the battle escalates, the question becomes not whether Griffin will Choose, but whether anyone else will survive to see dawn.

About the Author:  Sirena N. Robinson has been writing since she was ten years old and cast her 5th grade teacher as a villain in a series of short stories. She continued to write through high school and pursued a Minor in English Literature from The Ohio State University, graduating in 2008 with Bachelor's Degrees in Political Science and International Relations. She received her Juris Doctor from Capital University Law School in 2011 and passed the Ohio bar that July. She will receive her Master's Degree in Social Work from Ohio University in 2014.

When not writing, Sirena is pursuing a career as an attorney in private practice in Jackson, Ohio where she predominantly works in the Juvenile Court as an appointed lawyer in child welfare cases. She lives in the sleepy Appalachian town of Jackson with her husband, daughter, and their menagerie of dogs and cats. She has a flair for the paranormal, discusses her characters as if they are real people, and is at the mercy of the army of plot bunnies that constantly fight to get out of her head and onto paper.

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Griffin woke up, smoke surrounding her. She coughed, rolled onto her side, and tried to sit up but was too dizzy. Panicked, she began to drag herself across the floor, stopping to wipe blood from her eyes. That was when she heard them. Growling was the first sign, and with her heart pounding, she rolled onto her back and saw two giant black dogs hovering in the corner. They were still transparent, but she had a feeling they wouldn’t stay that way for long.
Then Alaria appeared. She smiled and threw out her arms as the clock struck midnight. “Demons, Devils, Hounds of Hell, hear my command. The twenty-ninth year has commenced. The Chosen has betrayed us. Heaven cannot be allowed to win. The Chosen must die. With the power given to me by Lucifer, I now charge all of our numbers to find the Chosen, hunt her down, and kill her. With the task I was given at the very beginning, I now do my duty, and pierce the Veil. She is open and vulnerable. Find her, and do your duty!”
Lightning flashed, and Alaria glowed red for a long minute. The room went completely black, and Griffin heard paws on the floor. If the Veil was gone, and Alaria was there, then she had been able to bring the hellhounds into her apartment. They were going to rip her to pieces.
Finding strength she didn’t know she had, Griffin forced herself to her feet and tried to run. She’d only gotten two steps before one of the hounds was upon her. Teeth ripped into her flesh and blood began to flow. Alaria laughed and spread her arms again.
“See this, Gabriel? She’ll die tonight, and the End will commence!”
There was a loud explosion, and the front door of her apartment flew in. A man dressed all in black with shocking blue eyes and blood red wings stood there. He lifted one hand and sent out a bolt of lightning so strong that it incinerated the Hell hounds. Griffin sobbed with relief when they disappeared and began trying to drag herself toward him, leaving a thick trail of blood behind her.
“I warned Gabriel that he was too lenient with you. This is unacceptable.”
“Michael. So nice of you to join us for the festivities. Please, step aside and let me finish what I came here to do.”

Interested in reading??

Sirena is doing a give-a-way at the end of this blog tour on March 1st. She will be drawing five names from all the commenters to win a free e-book copy of Devil's Dilemma and one grand prize winner who will win a goody basket full of books from other PDMI authors. All you have to do to be entered is leave a comment with an email address!

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