Wednesday, September 18, 2013

High School Advice #12 - Guest post by blogger Misha Gericke @MishaMFB, Ten Things to Know When Getting Through Life!!!

I have another fabulous guest post, but this one is slightly different because she is a blogger but is in the process of publishing a YA Epic Fantasy series.  Again, thank you to Misha and all of the other wonderful people who have participated in my vision.  :)

On to Misha's awesomeness :)

Hey all! I’m super excited to be writing this, since I was a teen quite recently. Okay. I’m turning twenty-five this year, but hey, I still remember what it was like. Still remember the smell of a classroom.
Anyway. Today, I’m thinking I’m going to change things up. I’m going to list ten things I wish I realized when I was in High School.
And with that said, let’s start.
1)    Never choose a life direction because of money. Yeah, I know it’s awesome to make money. But making it at a job you absolutely hate, sucks.
2)    Never expect support before you do something. Yeah… probably what you didn’t expect to hear. Still, I stand by this. If you really want to do something that in your gut you know you need to do, and no one else gets it: find a way to do it anyway.
3)    Pick your battles. Fighting everyone every day just tires you out when you should be enjoying life.
4)    Happiness doesn’t come from having the perfect life. It comes from doing things that add meaning to your life and that you enjoy. Which, incidentally is a big reason why #1 and #2 are where they are.
5)    Never listen to people when they categorize you in a certain way. I learnt lessons #1 and #2 because of this one. You’re not just the smart kid, or the airhead or the class clown. You’re a person of unlimited potential. So if that’s what it takes, break those narrow minded people’s expectations. Or exceed them. But because it’s what you want to do.
6)    Confidence doesn’t come from being pretty or smart or being good at something. It’s from knowing you’re talented in ways you haven’t even discovered yet.
7)    Discover those ways. For the rest of your life. It really is never too late to start.
8)    Never give up unless you know you’re doing something stupid. At the same time, always test your actions and choices for stupidity. Happens to the best of us.
9)    That person you wish you dated but didn’t, usually turns out not to be the person you should have wanted. Move on, and find the person who’s meant for you.
10)           Never, ever, settle for okay when you’re doing something you want to exceed at. Never force yourself to exceed at something you hate.

About Misha:
Misha grew up in South Africa and now live a few stones thrown from Table Mountain. After brief stints of following the money and almost becoming an actuary, then an investment manager, she now owns a family business in the day and writes at night.
Since fruit exporting usually gets her blank stares at parties, she just says she’s a writer.
She’s currently in the process of publishing the first book in YA Epic Fantasy series.
You can find her at her writing blog, her life blog, twitter, google plus and goodreads

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