Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Wrong Way to Feed a Unicorn

Book blurb from Goodreads:  Charles wants to keep his 13-year-old daughter Lexi happy even if it means taking care of a manipulative, potty mouthed unicorn that continually insults his hospitality, intelligence and manhood. But when it comes to food they have a problem, and Charles finds himself hunting down one of the world's most expensive ingredients in a crime-ridden neighborhood known for its grisly dealings with outsiders.

Along the way he meets a long lost high school friend with a fast-food job and unusual knowledge of high-end cuisine; a voodoo wielding faith healer and his side-arm carrying bodyguard, a nearsighted stripper with a taste for knives, and her jealous boyfriend who confronts Charles for stealing his girl. Only one of them will walk away.

My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 unicorns - I really liked it!
Okay this book drew my attention because I love unicorns and collect them.  Even my only tattoo is of a winged unicorn (I made myself part of my collection!) which I got my first weekend restricted to base in tech school in the Air Force.  Yes, I left base when I wasn’t supposed to.  I tell you this because the unicorn in this story is not very nice.  This book had me feeling very sorry for Charles, but I still couldn’t stop laughing at his bad luck and that everyone he met has absolutely no respect for him especially his daughter’s pet unicorn.  The potty mouthed unicorn in this story reminds me of how my high school students treat each other.  They would probably love this story because they think being disrespectful is just playing and no big deal.  I read part of this to my 12 year old son, and he was laughing hysterically and told me I needed to read him the whole thing.  I think he is too young right now to read the entire thing, but I would let him at 16 or older because of some of the content.  It is definitely an adult book and not meant as a YA or children’s book.  The innuendos are very adult.  Charles’ life seems like a train wreck but you just don’t want to look away.  It was a very amusing story and worth the read for the laughs alone but it has an adventure too.  Quick read!

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