Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Thoughts on A Fall of Silver by Amy Corwin

Redemption Book 2 - A Fall of Silver by Amy Corwin

Book Blurb from Goodreads:  Allison “Quicksilver” Bankes has a simple philosophy is: the only good vampire is a dead vampire. After a brutal encounter with the undead, Quicksilver wants revenge and she’s about to kill one of the undead to save a young woman’s life when Kethan Hilliard confronts her. Kethan promises peace and redemption for both vampires and humans in exchange for an end to the slaughter, but Quicksilver knows that’s not going to happen.

Someone is killing both humans and vampires, and sweet words aren’t going to end the nightmare.

As events spiral out of control, terrible secrets from Quicksilver’s past awaken, and she’s forced to turn to Kethan to prevent more deaths. This time however, she’s determined not to make the same mistakes and with Kethan’s help, she hopes to silence the horror, forever.

My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 stars - I loved it!!

This book is WOW!!  Amy Corwin is a new author for me, and I will definitely be looking to read the first book Vampire Protector in the Redemption series.  I can’t even put into words why I loved it.  There was Quicksilver’s sad back story that makes you instantly want her to win.  I can’t believe some of the things she had to deal with, but I’m not going to ruin it for you (you will have to read it!)  Then there is Kethan who is a mystery unto himself, and he has his own secrets.  They are both in this struggle to trust each other and both want what is best; they just both do not agree on what that is.  I think this represents a similar struggle most people go through looking for someone who accepts you no matter what mistakes you made or make.  I usually like more romance, but Amy did this perfectly.  If you love paranormal, you have to read this :)

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