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Review @donnamcdonald13 - Heidi by Donna McDonald (Nano Wolves #3)

Nano Wolves #3
by Donna McDonald

Goodreads blurb:  Heidi was a lover, not a fighter, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t take care of herself.

Heidi liked her new life as a Healer in the Gray Wolf Pack. She liked Ryan Calder too. But liking didn’t mean she wanted to be his mate. She was just finding her personal freedom—just finally doing what she felt she’d always been meant to do. Why did Ryan have to keep pressuring her?

She’d badly wanted a break from him, but being kidnapped wasn’t what she had in mind. Help would be coming for her. Her Alpha and her Beta would not stop until she was found. Unfortunately, they might be too late to save her from being dissected. Scientist Diane Crane was determined to learn all her genetic secrets and make more nano wolves.

Her pack sees her as a liability when it comes to fighting. Does she have what it takes to save herself? Heidi’s about to find out. 

About the Author:  I am an active dreamer and find writing to be the best way to use my creativity. Needing to satisfy both sides of my brain, I have become a cross-genre author of contemporary, romantic comedy, fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal romances.

I feel blessed that my books appear on bestseller lists for humor, romantic comedy, space opera, and more. I crave laughter from all my readers and focus my attention on making that happen as often as possible.

I love to hear from anyone who has read my books. Each reader is a hero or heroine to me. I am inspired by you.

Connect with Donna:

My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!!

***I choose what I read and review based on what intrigues me!!  Yes, I got a review copy of this book, but no one tells me what to think, feel, or write about any book!

The cover is pretty nice and what attracted me to look into this book!

This is the third book in the series, but the first book I’ve read in this series and by this author.  Of course this is for adults only due to the steamy scenes and violence.  You can read this book and still know what is going on, but I suspect it would be way better if I had read book 1 and 2 and knew the characters better and their gifts.

I really liked Heidi, and she has a lot more strength than everyone was giving her as well as morals.  I didn’t know what to think of Ryan in the beginning, but I liked him and understood him better in the end.  This was a unique take on a new wolf pack with nano tech.  I really liked Donna’s writing style and will definitely check out more of her work when I can afford it.  Awesome storyline and action packed with all sorts of new ideas!

I highly recommend this to any wolf shifter fans who want a new adventure!

Interested in reading???

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