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Review - The Little Bear Maid by Sable Sylvan (Seattle's Billionaire Bears #4)

The Little Bear Maid
Seattle’s Billionaire Bears #4
by Sable Sylvan

Goodreads blurb:  Can two people fall in love…without saying a word?

The last thing that curvy maid Carmen Jackson expected to find while cleaning the most luxurious penthouse in Seattle…was true love. She certainly didn’t expect it to come in the form of tall, handsome werebear billionaire Aiden Dixon, one of the last remaining bachelors of the famous Asher-Dixon Clan, a grizzly bear shifter clan renowned for their prowess in the the boardroom and in the bedroom. However, Carmen’s boss, her aunt Polly, isn’t about to let Carmen get involved with a suspected playboy…so she forbids Carmen from talking to Aiden. With just one demand, Polly effectively ‘steals’ Carmen’s voice from her, and she can no longer talk to the man who managed to capture her heart. The last thing that luscious Carmen expects is for Aiden to be the bear that finds a way to not-quite break all of her aunt’s rules…

Of course, nothing lasts forever, at least for a girl like Carmen, who is used to losing the people who are most important to her in her life. When an unfathomably devastating betrayal happens, there’s only one set of arms Carmen can run into, only one man whose shoulders are hers to cry on…and that man is a burly badass billionaire who isn’t about to see the woman he is sure is his fated mate be hurt by anyone, no matter what. He whisks her away to the most famous shifter town in all of Oregon, his hometown of Port Jameson, but is fate going to give these lovers a happily ever after…or will they find more trouble in paradise before their once upon a time even has a chance to begin? What story does the mate mark on Aiden’s chest tell? And can that story reconcile the inner conflict inside of Carmen, who is torn between love and duty?

This book is a standalone novel, featuring cameo appearances from the Sable Sylvan characters you know and love. There’s delicious food cooked by billionaires, amazing clothing worn by women who are made up of half sass, half curves, and of course, a guaranteed happily ever after, with absolutely nothing too dark, and abso-frikkin’-lutely no cheating! This is also a new adult/college romance, featuring many plot twists, including…a real mermaid?

If you love sassy BBWs and bear shifters are what you live for, sexy billionaires are what you dream of, and fated mates are your obsession, check out The Little Bear Maid, a fairy tale romance based on The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen! This book is a standalone novella, part of Seattle's Billionaire Bears, a series of remixed fairy tales set in Port Jameson, featuring the Dixon Clan.   

About the Author:  My name is Sable Sylvan, and the only thing I love more than reading hot paranormal romances is writing down my fantasies and sharing them with readers like you. My heroes are strong alpha male shifters who can be grizzly and gruff at times...but when it comes to their mates, they turn into absolute teddy bears. The curvy heroines in my stories can be sassy at times but the bear shifter men who love them will do anything for their fated mates.

"Goldilocks And The Three Bear Shifters" is the first book in my "Bear-y Spicy Fairy Tales" series, set in fictional Port Jameson, Oregon. Each standalone books features a BBW and her bear shifter ménage, a happy ending (no cliffhangers!) complete with an epilogue and a sexy teaser. The books can be read alone and in any order and are all based on popular fairy tales.

If you love fairy tale romances but aren't super into ménages, check out my modern fairy tale series, "The Shifter Princes", a series in which sexy shifter billionaires woo the women they love, each standalone book featuring a modern twist on a classic fairy tale. Expect these books out by August 2015!

If you want to reach me directly, you can email me at . I love connecting with readers as well as other authors.

Connect with Sable:

My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 Unicorns - I really liked it!!!

***I choose what I read and review based on what intrigues me!!

The cover looks magical, and after you read the book, you will understand the references.

This is the 4th book in this series.  This shifter world is part of many of Sable’s books.  It is for adults only due to the steamy content.

I always enjoy reading Sable Sylvan’s work.  Her shifter world is unique with regard to the mate marks.  I really like Carmen because she works hard and takes care of her family.  I can relate to her in many ways though I’m as lucky as she is with regarding to finding Aiden.  Carmen definitely seemed to accept everything much easier than other women in the series.  This is hard to put into words, but this book is a bit more sexual or focused more on it than some of the other books in series.  This doesn’t bother me, but I wanted to put it out there in case anyone reader is.  I enjoy the HEA endings in this series.

I recommend this book to readers who love fairy tale like bear shifter stories especially if you already love and enjoy Sable’s work!

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