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Review - Alpha's Last Fight by Aubrey Rose @TheAubreyRose & Molly Prince @MollyPrinceRom

Alpha’s Last Fight
A Paranormal Shapeshifter  BBW Romance
by Aubrey Rose and Molly Prince

Goodreads blurb:  You can’t hide from the monster when the monster is inside you.
More than anything, Natalie wants to keep her secret hidden. Locked away. She’s too scared to love, scared that the unthinkable will happen again.

Five years ago, the monster got out. And the one person she cared about will forever carry the scars she gave him. She vowed then that she would never let her wolf come out of hiding again, and she’s not about to break that vow for some guy she met at a crazy underground shifter fight.

Especially if that guy is an arrogant, asshole alpha male.

Cocky, tattooed, and sexy as hell, Hutch runs his pack by his own rules. He fights, he wins, and he can take his pick of any of the screaming girls who cheer him on. He has everything he could possibly want.

Except a sweet, sassy, curvy mate.

But Natalie isn’t the only one with a past, and when a lifetime of lies and broken promises begin to catch up with him, Hutch is given one chance to make things right. A last fight with no rules, no limits and next to no chance of survival. Hutch is willing to risk everything to redeem himself in the eyes of his pack… but can he risk the love of the only woman who has given him a reason to live?

***Note: This is a full-length paranormal romance novel with NO cliffhanger! Includes many scenes with violence and/or explicit sex scenes!***

About the Authors:  Aubrey Rose lives in sunny San Diego, where she likes to lay around in a hammock reading her favorite romances. When she’s not writing steamy stories, she can be found dancing naked in front of the mirror to Abba while her cat watches disdainfully.

Connect with Aubrey:

When Molly Prince isn't writing about big girls, bad boys and the trouble they can get into she's looking after her young son, husband and dog... and wondering why the men in her life need so much looking after!

Connect with Molly:

My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 Unicorns - I really liked it!!!

The cover is yummy!!  Hutch is looking sexy!!

I received this book from the author for an honest review, but as soon as it was out I bought it :)

I really liked this book and enjoyed it.  I do want to warn that some people may not like all the fighting sort of like a combination of dog fighting and gladiators.  The language could also be more than some readers are looking for.  Lots and lots of steamy scenes too!!  I like to put this out there because reading is your enjoyment.  This world is different than other shifter books, but it is hard to describe without giving too much away.  Shifters struggle to maintain balance is all I will say.

Hutch is a typical bad boy.  He’s an a$$ a lot mixed in with moments of sweetness.  Natalie is sweet, terrified of what she is because she’s never been around anyone like her, but she grows so much in this book.  Gina is awesome and funny.  There are some things that happen that I just didn’t see coming.

I recommend this to people who love werewolf shifters and fighting and don’t mind that Hutch can be an a$$, but a sexy one :)

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