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High School Advice #14 - North Shore Girl by Skye Genaro @SkyeGenaro, author of Echo Across Time

Been awhile since I had a high school advice guest post :)  And we have an author returning for some new advice :)  Check it out!!

Live Like a North Shore Girl
By Skye Genaro, author of Echo Across Time

This past November I travelled to Maui, to split my time between writing and playing in the ocean. As I usually do on these trips, I leave time to explore parts of the island I haven't been to before. This year, I drove to Maui's north shore, a haven for serious surfers. The day I was there eight-foot high turquoise waves crashed into the shore all along beach.
The scene was completely different from the quiet south side of the island where I stayed. I was mesmerized by the waves and couldn't take my eyes off of them. That is, until a group of North Shore girls showed up.
Young and beautiful and fearless, these girls live to surf. After a few minutes of stretching, they grabbed their boards and hit the ocean. As I watched them paddle, surf, get knocked down and dive back in, I realized I was watching great lessons for how to live your passion.

Charge the big waves
North Shore girls go after those towering, crested waves--and sometimes they get their butts kicked. But each time, they learn a little more about how the water breaks, how the surf is rolling in that particular day, and they're able to ride the next ones better. Sometimes the biggest waves are the scariest, but they're also the ones with the biggest potential.
Have the courage to go after those big opportunities, even if you risk getting tossed onto the shore with sand in your mouth and seaweed tangled in your hair. You could have the ride of your life.

Duck dive the broken waves
Not every wave is worth riding, and sometimes you're better off sliding under them than taking them on. North Shore girls recognize those waves that have lost their potential, but still have the power to flatten you if you don't get out of their way. That's why surfers "duck dive" under them, then paddle out and wait until a better wave, a better opportunity comes along.
Sometimes, you need to use the same strategy when pursuing your passion. When you're not sure whether or not to take a chance on something, try weighing the pros and cons to help make your decision.

Swim with the sharks
Swimming in the open ocean has its dangers. Sharp coral reefs can tear up your board and your skin. Jellyfish stings can be debilitating. And you're sharing the water with sharks!
North Shore girls know what they're up against when they hit the water, but they also know that pursuing your passion often comes with risk. Now, nobody wants to be eaten alive while they're going after their dream, but sometimes that's exactly what life feels like. So what do you do?
Learn how to spot and steer clear of the sharks—those situations that are harmful to you and your passion. If you're bitten, stop the bleeding and get then get back into the water as soon as the "all clear" a.k.a. "no sharks" flag goes up. And yeah, saltwater stings a fresh wound, but keep going!

Live with passion
Sun and saltwater call to the North Shore girls every moment of every day. They can't wait to finish schoolwork and get back in the water. Allow passion to become a part of your life, whether it comes from playing a musical instrument, competing in sports, unraveling the mysteries of physics problems, or whatever calls to you.  
If you wake each morning ready to face challenges and take on risk, all in the name of passion, you're living like a North Shore girl!

About Skye Genaro
Skye Genaro is the author of teen paranormal books Echo Across Time (Book 1 of the Echo Saga), and Supernatural Summer. She wrote a number of screenplays before switching to the YA fiction market. Recently, a local television producer read and loved her novelette, Supernatural Summer, and asked Skye to adapt it for a television series. She's working on that now, and the concept will be pitched to television executives in 2014. Cross your fingers that one of the networks or cable channels will add Supernatural Summer to their programming line-up!


Echo Across Time

Goodreads blurb:  Fall in love with the achingly beautiful story of Echo and Connor, supernaturally gifted teens, as they fight to live out their destiny together.

Echo had it all—she lived in a mansion in the wealthiest neighborhood and was a member of the Partychicks, the elite high school clique. But her enviable life was ripped apart when a bullying incident put her in a coma. When Echo wakes up, she's gained paranormal powers that she can't control.
Telekinesis. Aura sensing. These abilities wreak havoc on Echo's life, and she will do just about anything to get rid of them. Even if it means sharing her secret with Connor, the gorgeous, frightening stranger who appears out of thin air and possesses shocking supernatural abilities. He promises to teach her things beyond her wildest imagination—if Echo has the courage to trust him.
Soon, she is pulled into a world of mystical possibility and starts falling hard for the enigmatic Connor. As Echo uncovers the truth about him, she discovers a dark secret brewing within her city: people with paranormal gifts are being kidnapped and murdered. Escaping with Connor would keep Echo alive, but at a high cost to Connor and to the future they both believe in. Echo must choose between her love for Connor and her own safety, but she can't have both.

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