Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Crazy Thoughts ; )

My Thoughts on Reviews

I was thinking…I know scary right ;) that today I would explain my idea of a review.  My reviews are my thoughts on how much I enjoyed an author’s wonderful story or anything that stands out.  I try not to ever ruin someone else’s journey into the world created by an author with spoilers. 

I am not the grammar police, so unless it is majorly an issue I don’t mention it and usually doesn’t bother me I only mention for those it does bug.

I will not ever be mean or rude in my reviews, and some may think I’m too nice.  To be honest, I usually read things that I know I will like, so you will notice most of my reviews are at least 3 stars.  I do branch out when asked, but only if it intrigues me in some way.  I do branch out on my own with free reads or things I’ve won that aren’t in my usual wheelhouse.  If I do read something that I don’t like, I never attack the book or the author because really isn’t there enough nastiness and negativity in the world already.  I share because maybe it will help someone decide if they want to read it, and even if it is not for me, I recommend who would like it because usually the author does a fabulous job, the story was just not for me.

I rate books by unicorns because they are more magical like the worlds created by authors.  I have always collected unicorns, so when I was 18, I got a winged unicorn tattoo (or a horny Pegasus as I fondly call it).  So when I decided to make a blog, I wanted magical with unicorns.  I looked at lots of beautiful pictures that I loved, but I was afraid to use because I wasn’t sure about copyrights on them.  So I had my son take a picture of my tattoo (which is not purple…my favorite color), and then I manipulated it to what you now see as my blog banner.  Is it professional looking?  Nope, but I thought I did a good job for someone who isn’t creative, and it is me.
Anywho, I just felt like sharing today about why my reviews are the way they are :)

Thank you for stopping by to read my crazy thoughts ; )

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