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Review @AuthorMFox - Rare Stakes by Michelle Fox (Eternal Child #1)

Rare Stakes
Eternal Child #1
by Michelle Fox

Goodreads blurb:  As an FBI agent, I kick ass. As a psychic FBI agent, I always get the bad guy—until I'm assigned a Dracula copycat case that bites back. Getting my man this time means entering a mysterious underworld where, not every serial killer is human, not every case can be solved, and not everyone can survive.

Standalone urban fantasy novel. No cliff hanger.


The most innocent things could hold more darkness than I ever wanted to see.

Today's example: Takeout.

What could be so terrible about takeout? Normally, it was awesome. I lived on the stuff. I read the menus like the bible. But this wasn't that kind of takeout.

I stared at the Styrofoam containers on the table. My stomach was already cringing, looking for a place to hide. The containers gleamed virgin white under the fluorescent lights of the FBI conference room, but their contents were not quite so pure.

Each carton had a handwritten label on top. One read, Marion—bright and charming. Another read Stacey—good body. The last, Eileen—agreeable.

The writing was large with strong vertical strokes and half-closed loops. I wondered what a handwriting analyst would make of it.

Was there a particular flourish that indicated someone was a cannibal? 

About the Author:  A USA Today & NY Times bestselling author, Michelle Fox lives in the Midwest with her husband, kids, the occasional exchange student and two, sweetly disobedient dogs. She loves fantasy and romance, which makes writing paranormal romance a natural fit.

In her spare time, she's been known to shake her bon-bon at Zumba, make spectacular cheesecakes, hoard vintage costume jewelry and eat way too much ice cream (Ben and Jerry’s Karamel Sutra for the win!).

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My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!!

***I choose what I read and review based on what intrigues me!!  Yes, I got a review copy of this book, but no one tells me what to think, feel, or write about any book!  I have already bought my copy; have you?

The cover makes her look like a kick butt FBI agent! 

This is the first book in the series, and it is for adults only due to the violence and adult content.

Wow, this book through me for a loop in the first couple of pages, and if you are wondering what it was just read the blurb with the excerpt!  I wondered what I got myself into but to answer that question, a phenomenal book.  I was so into the book in the first chapter that I couldn’t put the book down.  I loved this world and the characters in it!  This world is complex with some new paranormal creatures in it making it very unique.  I loved the action and mystery involved with the crime solving.  I love when I can’t guess what is going to happen next because it is not predictable and makes for an exciting read.  Mel is a character that I like and want to read more about her, her boyfriend, Maxim, and what happens with them all!

I highly recommend to all paranormal fans who love complicated new worlds with all sorts of paranormal shenanigans mixed with mystery and intrigue galore!

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