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Review @ariapeyton - Entrusted by Aria Peyton (Coal Creek Shifters #1)

Coal Creek Shifters #1
by Aria Peyton

Goodreads blurb:  One day of perfection.

Five minutes to change it all.

All it took was the cruelty of one man, and the actions of their clan, to tear them apart. Fated Mates; destined for each other. Forced into a solitary existence until another enters their lives.

Will his presence reunite them? Or will the past destroy their future?

About the Author:  I've been a covert operative in a foreign country, jumped out of helicopters for fun, and bungee jumped over the side of a Styrofoam factory into a vat of beans made for beanbags. I can also leap Lego towers in a single bound, pack school lunches like a boss, and burn myself on any hot surface. My multiskilling is out of this world and I successfully masquerade as an average parent 24/7. Do not be fooled by my mediocrity. To do so is at your own peril. Also, don’t believe everything you read!

Connect with Aria:

My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 Unicorns - I really liked it!!!

***Received a copy of the ebook for an honest review

This is the first book by Aria Peyton and makes this the first book in the series too :)  This is a shifter romance, but this book is probably not for everyone due to the rape scene in the beginning of the book.  This of course is for adults only due to the adult content and violence.

I really enjoyed reading the book and seeing Vanessa, Rebel, and Mik grow as characters.  I screamed for what was happening, cried, it was a very emotional rollercoaster.  I was gripped in the story.  It is hard to tell you or describe anything because I do not want to ruin anything for you, but it is just sooo much wrapped into this book with drama, parental interference, romance, and so much more.  I can tell there is much more to come too, and I can’t wait!!

I recommend this book to shifter readers who don’t have a problem with reading a rape scene and all the violence and emotions wrapped up in it.  I really enjoyed in and can’t wait to see what Aria comes up with next :)

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