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Review @valeromance - Her Two Bears by Catherine Vale

Her Two Bears
by Catherine Vale

Goodreads blurb:  Two Were-bears and one woman who gave up on the idea of true love a long time ago...

Down on her luck, plus size single Sadie doesn’t ever think she’ll find love, so when her best friend Peyton offers to set her up on a blind date she refuses. Except Peyton isn’t taking no for an answer. She knows that Sadie needs to try something new - something very unconventional - if she ever stands a chance at letting go of her insecurities and finally opening up her heart once again.

The arrangement? Sadie is about to go on a blind date with not one, but two mysterious strangers.

Dane and Jackson have been the best of friends ever since they were young cubs so when they are both made alpha of their clan, they agree to share more than leadership: they want to share a mate. For the two sexy were-bears, it's quite simple: convince the plus-size beauty that they can make all of her wildest dreams come true. Except Sadie doesn't realize just how wild it's about to get!

Note To Readers: This is a sexy bbw romance story and is free of cliffhangers. It is a stand alone novel filled with steamy love scenes where fur is flying and one BBW is about to have the time of her life.

About the Author:  Catherine Vale has been writing fiction for as long as she can remember, but it wasn’t until she wrote her very first paranormal romance story that she found herself hooked on the raw, edgy love affair of shifters, vampires and other dominant alpha males and the captivating women that love them.

Catherine Vale writes both contemporary and paranormal romance for readers who are willing to take a walk on the wild side of love.  Her stories always include powerful alpha males, smart and sassy heroines and a happily-ever-after (even if she often put her characters through hell to get there!)

Connect with Catherine:

My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 Unicorns - I really liked it!!!

***Received the ebook for an honest review, but I bought it before I read the copy she gave me :)

The cover definitely grabs my attention which is probably why I bought it as soon as I saw it :)  but I’m a shifter book addict for sure :)

Catherine’s books always leave me feeling happy when I read them :)  I wished there was a bit of action though in this one since they were cops, but it didn’t happen.  I like seeing shifters go all caveman protecting their mates.  It is always easy to connect with Catherine’s characters and worlds though I can’t help but wonder is Alex’s story published and I just haven’t seen it or is it just part of this story only in minute details.  Catherine does an amazing job with the bears sharing Sadie, but the men are not lovers which I was wondering when I started reading this if that was the direction it was going.

Sadie is easy to connect with….well at least for me because I’m horrible at the whole dating men thing, so I get the bad experiences clouding everything in the here and now.  Her best friend is honest and tells her like it is which is great when she thinks too much.  The boys are….well everything I would want ;)  My favorite scene involves water, but you have to read it to know what I’m talking about :)

I recommend this story to all the bear shifter fans out there who don’t mind two bears having one mate :)

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