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Serial Review - Taken by V.M. Black @VMBlackAuthor (The Alpha's Captive #1)

The Alpha’s Captive #1
by V.M. Black

Goodreads blurb:  Running for his life, he takes her along for the ride….
Werewolf Levi Harris has a habit of going off half-cocked and getting into trouble. But this time, the trouble just might prove fatal. He’s stolen a trove of information from a powerful vampire mafia network, and they won’t rest until they get it back—and get revenge. His only chance of survival is to extract the information and put it to use before the bad guys catch up with him.

Curvy bombshell Harper Bailey is a good girl with a weak spot for bad boys. When Levi appears, she thinks her dreams have just rolled up on the back of a motorcycle. Little does she know that he’s about to hijack her car and take her straight into the crossfire. But Levi himself might just prove the greatest danger of all….

First Installment of The Alpha's Captive Serial

Part One - 14,500 words / 56 pages 

About the Author:  I'm currently working exclusively in the Aethereal Bonds world, which I've mapped out to be big enough to let me tell all the different kinds of stories I want to share with readers. It's got vampires, demons, weres, faes and more--all sorts of creatures that are great fun to play with.
I live near Washington, D.C., with my family. A proud geek, I love fantasy, romance, science fiction, and historical fiction.  I’m a compulsive dreamer, and I feel spoiled to be able to make a career out of imagining things!

Connect with V.M.:

My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 Unicorns - I really liked it!!!

***Received a copy of the ebook in exchange for an honest review, but I already owned this one and you can too, it is free!!

The cover is awesome whether looking at the first cover or the new one :)  I love them both :)  Levi is looking very sexy :)

I’m starting with the must knows first :)  This is a serial, and for those who don’t understand what that is:  it is like a tv show with several episodes and this one has 7 episodes.  You must read them in order to understand, and you probably will scream when or where it ends :)  Good news :)  All episodes are out and no waiting is required :)  Some authors do serials really well and V.M. Black is one of them.  I say this because even though it is a whole book by itself, I think it is an art to pick just the right place to end where it does feel like you made the reader walk into a wall to stop the story.  She ends at a good place where you have a little closure, but you definitely know there is more and want to read it :)  This of course is for adults only because it has some very steamy scenes.

Levi and Harper are two great characters :)  Harper is strong and won’t let anyone taken anything from her, and she is adventurous :)  I love her spunky attitude and that she keeps surprising Levi with the unexpected :)  Levi is sexy and sort of mysterious, and of course Harper doesn’t realize why she is so taken with him other than she has a thing for bad boys :)

This episode is smoldering with awesome adventure and action :)  I can’t wait for more :)

I recommend this serial to all my wolf lovin’ friends especially if you are already a fan of V.M. Black.  Off to read the next one :)

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