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Review - Rabbit Creek Santa by Jacqueline Rhoades @JRhoadesAuthor (The Wolvers #4)

Rabbit Creek Santa
The Wolvers #4
by Jacqueline Rhoades

Goodreads Blurb:  It's Christmas!...
Things are going well in Rabbit Creek. Elizabeth has taken her duties as the Alpha's Mate to heart and as the story opens, that heart is breaking for the loneliness and isolation of one of her pack. It's Christmas Eve and no one should be lonely at Christmas.
Lindy doesn't feel like she has much to celebrate. After two years of widowhood, she can barely make ends meet without the aid of her pack and while her inner wolf is ready to move on, Lindy isn't sure she can let go of the past.
New to the pack, Travis had party plans for the Holidays, but he ends up playing Santa to a pretty little widow and her pup. She's not what he was looking for, but she's exactly what he wants and his inner wolf agrees. Now all he has to do is convince Lindy that Christmas gifts aren't always the ones you find under the tree. 

About the Author:  Jacqueline, known as Jackie to her friends, lives in rural southern Ohio with one lovable husband, one spoiled dog and one disinterested cat. She believes coffee is a food group and therefore necessary to survival. She always has a pot brewing. When not writing, she can usually be found with her nose in someone else's book or working in her garden. She also spends a great deal of time chasing deer and rabbits who apparently also like gardening.  Jackie loves hearing from her readers and is always willing to chat.

Connect with Jackie:

My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!!!

The cover is a very important scene from the book; however, it doesn’t do much as far as attracting you to the book.  The wolves are pretty, but just nothing attention grabbing for me.

Okay I bought this about 10 days ago, and this is the first in the series that is a novella.  Goodreads claims it is considered book 3.5, but the next book is book 5.  I have officially dubbed this book 4 in the series :)  I loved this story just as much as the rest of the series.  This one doesn’t have much action though for those who find this important (which I usually do), but it does have all sorts of drama and humorous situations especially involved ‘Piyo’ and ‘sit’.  You will have to read it to see what those words mean :)  There is plenty of content to keep your interest, and I didn’t want to put it down.

Okay Lindy is….well a hot mess.  She has been shut off from the world for a long time since her mate died.  Her cub is adorable.  Lindy is so much stronger than me because I’m not sure I could have handled things as well as she did.  Travis is a bachelor who wants to party until the Mate asks him a favor.  They are all part of Marshall’s pack.  This is a sweet Christmas tale, and I loved every second of reading it with several completely out loud laughs where my son was asking what was so funny as well as my mom.  Okay I did also cry for Lindy too both in sympathy and in joy. 

Jackie’s series has fast become one of my favorites :)  I can’t wait to read what she cooked up in book 5.  Her adventures in this series are always unique and not just the same story with new names.  Her writing is descriptive and makes it so easy to fall completely in love with her packs and characters.

I highly recommend this Christmas tale to my shifty…err I mean shifter friends read this series :)  You will enjoy it immensely.  Okay I’m off to bed but will be starting book 5 tomorrow :)

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