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Serial Review - Hidden, Clan of the Werebear by Madison Johns

Hidden, Clan of the Werebear
by Madison Johns

Goodreads blurb:  Serial novella, adult content and situations, not recommended for anyone under 18.

SEPARATED...Elaina had heard warnings about the Clan of the Werebear all her life, but as a foundling with no knowledge of her past, she has no idea whether or not her protector's warnings that they are searching for her are true.

PROTECTED...The werewolf, Samson, tries to protect her from the world by hiding her away in a cabin high in the mountains, refusing even to allow her to "shift." But when, at the age of eighteen, Elaina is stricken by "the mating fever" and Samson finds her in a compromising position with his grandson, he is forced to confine her even more.

FEVERED...Restricted, hidden away, in full frenzy of the mating fever, and strictly forbidden to mate, Elaina decides it is time she joined her own find her mate. But meeting the devastatingly handsome were-bears, Cullen and Damon, is dangerous because she is drawn to the both of them a bear to honey. The fever is so strong, all she can think about is being in their arms.Torn, Eliana must face one of the most difficult choices of her life: go back with them to their village and chance that they aren't part of the Clan, or turn her back on the one man who could be her perfect mate in order to remain...HIDDEN.

About the Author:  When Madison Johns began writing at the age of forty-four, she never imagined she'd make it onto the USA Today best-selling books list with her first cozy mystery, Armed and Outrageous, as an independent author. Sure, this book is an Amazon bestseller, but USA Today?

Although sleep-deprived from working third shift, she knew if she used what she had learned while caring for senior citizens to good use, it would result in something quite unique. The Agnes Barton Senior Sleuths mystery series has forever changed Madison's life, with each of the books making it onto the Amazon bestseller's list for cozy mystery and humor.

Madison is a member of Sisters In Crime. Madison is now able to do what she loves best and work from home as a full-time writer. She has two children, a black lab, and a hilarious Jackson Chameleon to keep her company while she churns out more Agnes Barton stories with a few others brewing in the pot.

Agnes Barton Senior Sleuths Mystery series in order:
Armed and Outrageous
Grannies, Guns and Ghosts
Senior Snoops

Pretty and Pregnant novella
Redneck Romance (Published by Tirgearr Publishing)

Amazon Author Page

She is actively involved on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Goodreads. She is always willing to chat it up or give advice, and supports other writers whenever she can.

Connect with Madison:

My Thoughts - 3 out of 5 Unicorns - I liked it!!
***Ebook gifted to me for an honest review

The cover is cool and definitely says werebear :)  It would definitely attract shifter lovers to pick it up.

Okay, I’m really torn.  This is a novella of approximately 90 to 100 pages.  I really liked it until it just stopped.  It felt unfinished to me because there was no closure for any of the questions that rolled around my head for the entire book, and then even more questions added at the end with no answers.  This series has so much potential and I think it is going to only get better, but right now I’m just I don’t know perturbed and sort of disappointed.

The world that Madison Johns has created is cool, but still very unknown.  I like Elaina.  She is trying to solve the mystery that is her life and her species.  She is unprepared for the world and has no idea about anything.  You definitely feel just like Elaina and not knowing what will happen.  I love Madison’s writing style.  It is easy to get pulled into the story, and I can’t wait for more, but I hope I don’t have to wait long to.  I need to know what happens.  I will definitely continue the series. 

This really was a hard review for me because it was going to be a 4 that’s how much I liked reading this story until it left me hanging.  I recommend to my werebear lovers out there, but be prepared because it is not enough, you will be left wanting.

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