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Short Story Review - Troy's Fox by Jane Wakely @JaneWakely (Chestnut Rock Shifters #5)

Troy’s Fox
Chestnut Rock Shifters #5
by Jane Wakely

Goodreads blurb:  Autumn Wilson is a struggling waitress in the new café, The Health Nut. She’s been alone for so long, her circumstances, while not ideal, have become routine. Her past is a constant reminder that hopes and dreams are useless and the only one you can depend on is yourself.

Troy Richards’ success as an author has allowed him to travel the country searching for his mate. He’s visited dozens of cities and small towns over the years only to leave feeling more lonely and depressed than when he arrived. Tired of hoping for something that will never happen, he decides to plant roots in the mid-sized town of Chestnut Rock.

On Troy’s first day in town, he finds Autumn. After years of searching, he not only finds his mate, but she’s a fox shifter like him. He joyfully braces himself for her recognition, eager to start their lives together, until it becomes clear she doesn’t feel the same. Autumn seems to thwart his advances easier than a mated shifter should and tries to keep her distance. As Troy gets to know Autumn, he realizes he not only has to convince her of their mating and his ability to shift, but of her own ability, as well as the strength of a bond between a mated pair.

About the Author:  Heart Melting Heroines, Heart Stopping Heroes

Jane has been creating stories of love and romance for as long as she can remember. She’s a sucker for a happy ending and thinks the best thing about any movie or book is when the characters find someone to love.

Jane writes romance in the contemporary, fantasy and paranormal genres, but paranormal romance is her true passion. She loves creating worlds around sexy shifters and vamps—even if the shifter is a smelly skunk!

Jane writes sensual romance that will warm your heart, and a happy ever after is guaranteed!

Connect with Jane:

My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!!

The cover is steamy :) but no fox, and I looked expecting one.  It definitely still gets your attention though.

Okay, I absolutely loved this book :)  This is still a short story, but a bit longer than the others, I think around 40 or so pages.  Autumn totally made me feel for her and cry.  This story had me from the get go.  Troy is so sweet and has his work cut out for him.

I love that the shifters in this series are going against the norm and sort of making their own group or pack which isn’t normal in this shifter world.  The blurb tells you enough that you know what the story is about, and as always, I don’t want to ruin anyone’s journey into Chestnut Rock. 

Jane Wakely’s writing for me is awesome.  I get and connect with all the characters which is unusual for me in short stories.  They aren’t my favorite because I want to engulf into the shifter world, but something about these short stories works really well for me.

I think if you are a fan of shifters and mates that you will love this series of shifter happily ever afters.

I’m off to read the next book!!  I’m getting nervous…there’s only 2 left, and I don’t want them to end.

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