Sunday, September 1, 2013

Special request from Chris Bryant @TheSwordofHope, author of The Sword of Hope

Message from Chris Bryant looking for some help for his dream:

Some things can't be put into words.  Some emotions run too deep.  My project, getting my book made into a game, is not only for myself.  When I began writing, things were simple.  It was about sharing my gift with the world.  Just before publication, tragedy struck my family.  Within 3 years, I lost my Dad, my Grandfather, both of my Great Grandparents, and one of my best friends.  To add to that, my mom, now a widow, was diagnosed with the same disease that claimed my Grandfather's life, Parkinsons.

I chose at that point to move out of my apartment, leaving my roommates, to do the responsible thing:  take care of my mother.  For the last 5 years, I have lived here with her trying to take care of her and it's hard.  It gets worse everyday.  I remember the woman who was so strong, who used to take walks, worked all the time, had a great attitude.  Now, she sleeps all the time and can't remember what happened that morning.
Here's why I began this project.  Like my book, I want to not only share with the world, but I want to be able to earn a revenue stream where I can take care of her needs without having to leave her alone for multiple hours a day.  I want to give her the peace of mind that everything is taken care of.  I can't do that without your help.  I'm asking you to take compassion for this situation and pledge towards this project, towards her future.  Thank you.
Chris Bryant

20 days to go

Thanks again for your help and support. :)

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