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Children's Book Review - Helga Returns by Wendy Nystrom @wbnystrom

Helga Returns
James and Syvok Adventure #2
by Wendy Nystrom

Goodreads blurb:  James’ second adventure begins with a footprint. He once again calls out to his Icelandic magical friends, Syvok and Matthias, to discover what it means. He will find Helga, the troll who left the footprint.

James follows Helga to Yamas, the troll village. Will they be left on a glacier or will they save the Guardian Troll from danger? Will Syvok and Matthias reach James in time to save him when the earth tremors?

About the Author:  Wendy is enjoying her new adventures of writing world and you are welcome to visit her blog, facebook or twitter Wendys Book Case
I am a writer, a wife, and a mother of three wonderful children. Wendy grew up in St. Paul, MN, and has lived at different points in her life in Minnesota, Texas, Idaho, Colorado, West Virginia, and Iceland. She currently resides in Michigan (USA). Wendy is an avid reader of many different genres; she love adventures; and devotes some of her time to being active in schools, the local library, and other community projects. She earned a BA in Geography concentration Urban Planning. Wendy began writing children stories in 2005 while living in the wonderful country of Iceland.

Connect with Wendy:
My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 unicorns - Kids will really enjoy it!!
**Won in a giveaway at Wendy’s Bookcase

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This story is a children’s book and about 35 pages long with lots of fun pictures.  I couldn’t get my son to sit and read with me.  He is too interested in being outside with his friends right now.

At the start of the book, it reviews some of the things learned about Iceland.  There are some great lessons built into this book as well like not judging someone based on rumors and going out of your way for others even though they may not do the same for you.  I always tell my son he needs to be nice to everyone whether they are nice to him.  He asked me why before, and I asked him how do you feel when someone is not nice to you.  He told me bad, and then I asked do you want to make someone else feel that way.  He told me no.  I think this is a lesson every child should learn and maybe we can stop bullying for good. 

Characters in this adventure were James, Syvok, and Matthias from the first adventure, but we also meet another new friend named Helga.  This adventure is inspired by a footprint discovered by James, and he wants to see who it belongs to.

I think this is a great book to sit down and read with new readers.  You can use voices and make it an adventure, and kids will learn that they can see other worlds by reading.  When I visit by nieces and nephews, I will have to read this with them.

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