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Review - How To Be A Goddess by Sarah Nestler @tnestler

How to be a Goddess
by Sarah Nestler

Goodreads blurb:  As Katla races her long time best friend Riley to class, she runs into an odd man in a black cloak. When she wakes up from the impact of the hard hallway floor, she finds herself in a different worldthe underworld. Katla soon finds out who the odd man is. He's Hades: god of the underworld, god of the dead.

About the Author:  Hey everybody! I'm Sarah, I'm a 15 year old author from Illinois! I wrote my first book "How To Be A Goddess" when I was 12, and ended when I was 13. 
I love cats and horses, I'm a total goof, and I'm not distant like most authors. I'm not usually on goodreads, but you can chat me up on my Facebook page! ^_^

Connect with Sarah:

My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 unicorns - I really liked it!!
**Received the book from the author’s mom for an honest review.

The frosty cover is beautiful.  I have a few things to say before I talk about the book.  I love that Tena, Sarah’s mom, supports her fully.  I see kids everyday and that’s all they want is the full support of their parents.  Kids, who get the full support of their parents, succeed more, and this is backed up with all sorts of data.  I will let you look this up if you do not believe me.  ;) 

I am also amazed because this story was written when Sarah was 12 and 13.  It is well written because I know my 12 year old can’t write like this at all.  She is now in high school, and I try to support any high school student whether mine or not :)  You did a fantastic job Sarah!!

I really like mythology so from the start I liked the idea of this story.  It is sort of how mythology changes a real world girl who fights it kicking and screaming the whole way because she wants to keep her normal ordinary life.  How would you feel if you were kidnapped from high school by Hades, Lord of the Underworld??  Katla handles it much better than me because I would have freaked out. 

I really like Katla’s character because she is a spit fire, and I love when the main character can kick butt and take names.  She doesn’t let anyone push her around even Zeus.  I also really like several of the other Gods’ personalities like Zeus, Apollo, and Hephaestus.  There are a few who were very arrogant and thought they were better than everybody which reminds me of a few high school kids.  In fact, everything that happened at Mount Olympus reminded me of high school drama which always makes me chuckle.  I wish it had more action.  This is the only thing that I think would make it better.  There is a lot of action at the end which was great. 

I will definitely be following Sarah to see how she continues to grow as an author. 

I recommend this book to all those readers who love mythology and love supporting young authors.

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