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Review - Polar Bear Buns by Sable Sylvan (The Twelve Dancing Bears #2)

Polar Bear Buns
The Twelve Dancing Bears #2
by Sable Sylvan

Goodreads blurb:  These polar bear shifters aren’t clowning around…

When curvy Lauren goes to the Bear Buns night club with her friends, the last thing she expects to find is true love, but she knows the minute she sees Blaze and Hale’s chests that she’s their fated mate. The only problem? Blaze has been burned before, and there’s a evil killer clown stalking Lauren.

Hot as Hale...or cold as Blaze…?

To help their friend Katherine through her divorce, Lauren and Darla take Katherine to Seattle’s most famous strip club, Bear Buns. The Bear Buns dance club is a male strip club featuring an all shifter revue. Their most famous dancers? Six pairs of bears, The Twelve Dancing Bears, who are looking to make connections with six special ladies. That’s right. All six pairs of bears want a menage romance...except Blaze, the bad boy member of the Polar Bear Buns dance duo, is close to giving up on finding a fated mate. When sassy Lauren’s on stage with him, he doesn’t give her the time of day. Lauren doesn’t take attitude from anyone, and makes it clear Blaze is going to have to earn her curves back...even if it means Hale has to handle Blaze’s bear.

The only problem? Menages get messy...especially when there’s a creepy clown on the loose.

Icy blonde polar bear shifter Hale is all about pleasing Lauren, but the darker blonde Blaze is his polar opposite, and is not ready to love again so easily. Lauren’s not about to let Blaze treat her like anything other than his BBW fated mate, but can Lauren forgive Blaze in her moment of need? Can Blaze overcome his commitment issues? Or are these two polar werebears about to get iced out by the curviest girl they’ve ever met? And what in frikkin’ tarnation is going on with these creepy stalker clowns...and will the bears take care of them, once and for all?

Find "Polar Bear Buns", a full length standalone 25,000 word novella with no cliffhangers, featuring a guaranteed happy ending. This is the second book in a brand new Sable Sylvan fairy tale romance series, "The Twelve Dancing Bears", featuring six pairs of bears who are looking for their fated mate. All books are set at the Bear Buns strip club, a place where fate brings together mates, and the male entertainers are focused on worshiping women. Things get hot and heavy fast, but can these guys prove that they have more to offer than rock hard bodies?

All books in the series feature a BBW's sensual curves as a hot and spicy menage, featuring male on male scenes, bisexual male/female scenes (yes, where the guys touch), and of course, three-on-ones that are all about the lady. Like all Sable Sylvan books, they are full length standalone novellas, at least 25,000 words (100 pages) long, with no cliffhangers, a guaranteed HEA, no cheating on the parts of the heroes, and of course, fated mates, true love, and fairy tale least if fate has anything to do with it.

About the Author:  My name is Sable Sylvan, and the only thing I love more than reading hot paranormal romances is writing down my fantasies and sharing them with readers like you. My heroes are strong alpha male shifters who can be grizzly and gruff at times...but when it comes to their mates, they turn into absolute teddy bears. The curvy heroines in my stories can be sassy at times but the bear shifter men who love them will do anything for their fated mates.

"Goldilocks And The Three Bear Shifters" is the first book in my "Bear-y Spicy Fairy Tales" series, set in fictional Port Jameson, Oregon. Each standalone books features a BBW and her bear shifter ménage, a happy ending (no cliffhangers!) complete with an epilogue and a sexy teaser. The books can be read alone and in any order and are all based on popular fairy tales.

If you love fairy tale romances but aren't super into ménages, check out my modern fairy tale series, "The Shifter Princes", a series in which sexy shifter billionaires woo the women they love, each standalone book featuring a modern twist on a classic fairy tale. Expect these books out by August 2015!

If you want to reach me directly, you can email me at . I love connecting with readers as well as other authors.

Connect with Sable:

My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 Unicorns - I really liked it!!!

***I choose what I read and review based on what intrigues me!!

The cover is sexy and beautiful with both halves on the cover…My favorite kind of cover!

This is the 2nd book in the series!  It is for adults only due to the steamy content.  There are references to things that happen in book 1, so I would want to read them in order but it’s not mandatory.

Lauren and her friends are a hoot.  I really like Lauren’s fierceness where she won’t just sit back and let things happen to her.  Blaze has baggage and starts as a jerk.  Hale doesn’t let anything get him down.  There are clowns in this story just in case you have any phobias about them.  Plenty going on that pulled me into the story!  Great read!

I recommend this series to bear lovers especially if you already love Sable’s shifter world!  I can’t wait to see what she cooks up next!

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