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Cover Reveal @AussieRomantic - Mark to Her Heart by Ashlea Rhodes (AFL Groupies #1)

Coming Soon Feb 2017

This new series will take you into the world of AFL: the players, the groupies out for the attention of a hot player, and the fans who love nothing more than a well-played game and cheering for their team. Come join this group of fun, cheeky, and sexy-as-hell athletes as they play for not just the game but for love. #AFLlove #AFanNotAGroupie

Mark to Her Heart
AFL Groupies #1
by Ashlea Rhodes

Goodreads blurb:  When Maxine’s not working as a disability carer, she’s at an AFL game. The sport she has grown up loving. One night after a game, she meets one of AFL’s most eligible bachelors—captain of the Blues. The tall, dark haired, grey eyed god is the sort of man she would usually stay far away from. But when he leads her out on the dance floor, she finds that's the one thing she can't do.

He’s funny and charming. A dangerous mix. A mix Maxine can't risk her heart on. After a night of passion unlike any she has ever known, Maxine runs. She hopes she can put it all behind her as a one-time event, but fate has other ideas in store. No matter how much you try you can't run from some things.

Mark has spent his whole life trying to be the best he can be and live up to his father’s expectations. Now he’s finally at the top of his game; if only his team could just win then maybe his father would be proud. But with power and leadership comes other things: groupies—those fake, power and money hungry women who would do anything to get their claws in a top player like himself. 

When he was younger he was happy to take what they so willingly gave but now he’s over it all. He wants something real. Like he feels for Maxine. One glance at the woman has his body burning up. And now he’s found her, he plans on keeping her. Well, that was ‘til she slipped out of his apartment as he slept. With only a first name to go on, Mark holds little hope of ever seeing the beautiful Maxine again. But maybe, just maybe, fate might help a man out. 

Finding her might be the easy part but keeping her may just be harder than marking the ball. 

About the Author, Ashlea Rhodes:  Hey there!

I started writing in High School but never finished anything I started, even when others liked what I'd written. I didn't pick up on reading till I turned 15 and once I started, you couldn't pull me away from books. 

I'm an Aussie chick, born and bred in the Western suburbs of Melbourne, who's a romantic at heart. Most of my writing is based on lurve with HEAs. After becoming good friends with a lot of indie authors over the past 2 years I decided to give my writing another go and early 2014 picked up where I left off. I started writing my first book Portal that I hope to get published late 2015.

Despite being into dresses and makeup, underneath I'm still a tomboy! Ooo, and I love shiny things :)

Connect with Ashlea:

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