Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Serial Review @VMBlackAuthor - Out of Bounds by V.M. Black (Taken by the Panther #5)

Out of Bounds
Taken by the Panther #5
by V.M. Black

Blurb:  All the former SEAL shifter Chay wanted was to save Tara from the panther within that threatened to consume her. But the bargain he strikes sets off a chain of events that threatens the safety of the Earth itself. 

With the Army at the door of his precious facility and monsters from another world breaking through inside, Chay and Tara must face the challenge of their lives if they hope to ever find peace.

About the Author:  I'm currently working exclusively in the Aethereal Bonds world, which I've mapped out to be big enough to let me tell all the different kinds of stories I want to share with readers. It's got vampires, demons, weres, faes and more--all sorts of creatures that are great fun to play with.
I live near Washington, D.C., with my family. A proud geek, I love fantasy, romance, science fiction, and historical fiction.  I’m a compulsive dreamer, and I feel spoiled to be able to make a career out of imagining things!

Connect with V.M.:

My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 Unicorns - I really liked it!!!

***Received a copy of the ebook in exchange for an honest review

The cover is cool that it uses the same model, but I like him much better when he flexes because he looks bigger and more fierce.

Things you want to know :)  This is a serial series which means you have to read it in order to understand it.  But a bonus is that it is now complete so you have read the whole thing at once with no waiting and it is somewhere around 600 pages all together.

Tara is definitely stronger in this part which I like because I don’t like women who sit around waiting to be saved.  I want them kicking as much butt as the men :)  I liked this part better than the last part, but I still had questions when the book ended.  You did learn quite a bit about Tara’s past and reasons for things that happened which was cool.  This world is definitely different kind of shifter world that is intriguing and frustrating all at the same time.  I definitely was yelling in my head several times wanting things to go a different way.

V.M. has an amazing mind to come up with such a complex world that still baffles me at this time.  I totally wonder where she will go next in this world :)

I recommend this serial to readers who want a different shifter world that is complex and unique all at the same time.

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