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Review @Mandy_Harbin - Surrounded by Death by Mandy Harbin (Woods Family #0.5)

Surrounded by Death
Woods Family #0.5
by Mandy Harbin

Goodreads blurb:  His family speaks of his death as a tragic example of why it’s too dangerous for the Woods men to be around available women.

Eric Woods is now dead, but was his last night as a living, breathing mountain lion shifter as horrible as his family has always believed?

Experience Eric’s last night with Simone--a woman whose need for carnal pleasures for exceeds all rational thought. 

About the Author:  After reading Danielle Steel’s Summer’s End, Mandy became hooked on reading romance. Of course she was probably too young to be reading books like that at the time, which made it even that much better! She dabbled in writing throughout adolescence and justified studying it in college under that wonderful umbrella of liberal arts. Living in Arkansas, she figured writing was a dream and not a career, so when she went back to get her master’s degree, she studied business. It wasn’t until she was staying up late to write—after working full-time, spending time with the family, and studying mind-numbing business nonsense—when she realized something had to give. The love of writing prevailed. She still lives in Arkansas with a few classes shy of an MBA but now with more time to submerge herself in her craft.

Connect with Mandy:

My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 Unicorns - I really liked it!!!

The cover is very sexy with both beasts ;)  Love it!!!

I bought this a week ago because I had to know the story.  This is a short story only about 20 pages and a quick read.  If you have read book 1, I think you won’t want to miss out on the added information about Eric since he is mentioned a lot, but you aren’t given a whole lot of information.  While this happens before book 1, in my opinion you should read it after book 1.  I say this because I think sometimes short prequels can taint your real opinion of a series and that you should get a feel for the series first.  This is just my opinion.

I completely enjoyed getting more information about Eric though being about death it is sad for the Woods family.

I recommend this story to those who love this series already and want the added information :)

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Interested in reading???

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