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Audiobook Review @GraemeIng - Ocean of Dust by Graeme Ing

Ocean of Dust
by Graeme Ing

Goodreads blurb:  Fourteen-year old Lissa is snatched from her home and finds herself a slave on a trading ship traveling on a waterless ocean of nothing but gray dust. A feisty, curious and intelligent girl, her desire to explore the ship earns her the hatred of the cruel first officer, Farq.

Fascinated by the ocean of dust, Lissa becomes embroiled in its mysteries, sensing things that the crew cannot, while cryptic whispers in her head are leading her toward a destiny linked to the dust itself. Only one man aboard can help her make sense of her new talent, but can she trust him? All is not as it seems, and she must unravel the clues before it’s too late.

When a sinister plot casts her adrift on the barren ocean, her best friend is left in the hands of the treacherous crew. Everything hinges upon her courage, quick wits, and her ability to master her new talent.

The Book Hookup: "That was wild! The author's imagination is amazing."

Christine Rains, Author: "...excellent world building and characterization."

About the Author:  Graeme is a writer of speculative fiction. He probably won't fall into existing pigeonholes, but hang around and you'll get to read tales of fantasy, science-fiction, paranormal, cyberpunk, steampunk and who knows what.

Born in England, Graeme now lives in San Diego, California. His career as a software engineer and development manager spans 30 years, including the development of a dozen computer games for consoles, home computers and online. Graeme is also an avid armchair mountaineer, astronomer, mapmaker, pilot and general geek. He and his wife, Tamara, share their house with six crazy cats.

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Narrated by Becky Doughty, see more narrated by her HERE!!!

My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 Unicorns - I really liked it!!!

***I won this audiobook in a giveaway this summer :)

The cover is definitely intriguing and I like her eyes and the sky especially :)

My son and I have been listening to audiobooks on the ipod I won over the summer since school started, and this is one of the audiobooks that I won with that ipod.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when we started listening to this book since I didn’t look at the blurb prior to listening; I just knew it was YA and therefore okay to listen to with my son :)

Graeme has an amazing imagination to come up with a world like this where sailing on an ocean of dust can happen.  I especially like how Lissa comes from a place more like our world with sailing, so we get her reactions and impressions to help us see what is going on.  The descriptions and storyline was awesome, and I really can’t wait for more in this series.  And according to his website, there is more coming which will make my son extremely happy because even he wants more, and he is harder to please :)

Lissa is such a strong and curious girl.  I don’t know if I could be as brave as her given her kidnapping and subsequent troubles.  She exhibits all the characteristics I would want my son to with being kind, loyal, and courageous.  I’m annoyed with some of the characters thinking that because Lissa is a girl she is useless and can’t be intelligent.  Thankfully, most of them redeemed themselves in the end for the most part.  I really want to see what happens in Lissa’s next adventure with Branda.

I recommend this book to any adventure lovin’ soul from middle schooler to adult :)

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