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Review - Two Bears Are Better Than One by Lynn Red (Broken Pine Bears #1)

Two Bears Are Better Than One
Broken Pine Bears #1
by Lynn Red

Goodreads blurb:  From USA TODAY and NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Lynn Red comes a steamy, sexy, hilarious alpha werebear romance... with two times the bears!

Jill Appleton is a witty, slightly-lanky, tall-enough-to-make-most-guys-nervous biologist with a thing for bears.

Whoa, whoa, not like that - she's got a thing for SAVING bears.

When she hears stories of a secretive group of Kodiaks in the Appalachian Mountains, she knows she's got to check them out. First of all, they're not supposed to be there, and second – bears that live in a pack? That's about as rare as biologists who love big crowds. Or, when it comes to Jill, it’s as rare as one of her dates not turning into a train wreck. She's all but given up on finding that one guy who the universe decided was right for her.

Good thing she's about to meet two.

Rogue and King, joint alphas of the Broken Pine werebear clan, could not be more different. King is quiet, stalwart, and strong. He holds clan traditions and history sacred, and refuses to wear anything but a loincloth – the way the elders did. Rogue would rather get a face full of werewolf teeth than bother with all that. He’s feral, wild, loyal to a fault, and loves to guzzle craft beer straight from a keg. And also – a loincloth? Jeans all the way for this bear, thank you very much.

With the outside world coming closer to Broken Pine territory all the time, and the werewolf packs getting more riled up than ever, something is wrong. But, when the two alphas - who according to clan law, both mate one woman, and mate for life - see Jill making her way to camp?

The two alphas feel their hearts beat together, and know in that second that no matter what, no matter how, they will have her, they will possess her. They’ll make her theirs at any cost.

***The Broken Pine Bears is a series of standalone novels each with a complete storyline and HEA ending. No cliffhangers here!***

About the Author:  Lynn doesn't love anything more than being wrapped up in a hammock with her corgi on her stomach and a pile of her favorite books to read. And by "pile of books" she means "a kindle."
She loves all sorts of romance, but especially ones that feature big, strong alphas who will stop at nothing to prove themselves to the women who melt their hearts.

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My Thoughts - 3.5 out of 5 Unicorns - I more than liked it!!

***Received the ebook for an honest review

The cover is awesome and very well yummy :)  though I wanted to see the mark on one of them, but oh well.

This is a new series by Lynn Red.  I don’t usually read the blurb before starting a book unless I’m undecided on buying a book and sometimes I look at a few reviews too; however, I did not with this book because Lynn sent it to me.  When I started reading it, I thought it was going to be a Jamesburg book, and quickly realized nope this is a new series.

I usually have a disconnection with the characters and world when I start a new series.  This is totally a me problem and not an author issue.  Sometimes I will skip the first book or two and after I get sucked into a series, I will go back and read the ones I skipped.  I see great possibilities in this series for the future now that I have seen a little of the world though I have no idea where it will go next :)

Jill is definitely strong and independent which I love.  The men have this weird dry humor that makes you think really and that they are totally like cavemen, but they grow on you & you get used to their ways.  They definitely intrigue you :)

Lynn creates an unusual new world that is completely unique to anything else I have read thus far.  There were parts that I found to be slow, but again part of my issues when new worlds are being created.  I was confused in a few parts, but it definitely cleared up, and I still have quite a few questions.  But there have to be some intrigue to get us to read the next book :)

I think if you enjoy Lynn Red’s work or shifter books, you will enjoy reading this book :)  I wonder how long I have to wait for book 2 :)

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