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High School Advice #13 & FREE ebook - Have you encountered a Power Vampire? Skye Genaro, author of Supernatural Summer

I have another fabulous guest post with more awesome high school advice.  As always you can catch up on what you missed at the end of the post :)  If you have something you want to share too, contact me :)

On to the awesomeness that is Skye........

When Cassandra invited me to write for her blog, I knew right away what I wanted to write about. Power. Not the Friday Night Smackdown Wrestling type, or the Wall Street Greedfest kind. Not even the babe-a-licious seductive power that we swear our crush has over us (which is why we can't focus when he or she is in the same room!)

What has the power to make us feel like royalty, or like the village idiot, depending on how it's delivered? Criticism.

No matter what we do, or how hard we try, we all face criticism from time to time. Over the years, I've learned that criticism usually falls into one of three categories. And, you can learn a lot about a person by how they typically share feedback with you.

The three kinds are:
• Helpful, delivered in a positive way.
• Helpful, delivered in a negative way.
• Downright dirty and malicious

We all prefer the first kind, the constructive feedback delivered by a caring, knowledgeable person in a way that makes us feel good, even if our work stinks. This person gives us a chance to walk away from our failure with our ego intact. The loss still hurts, but this bad news often comes with tips for improvement. We understand why our stage performance tanked, or why we got cut from the team. It's hard to hear criticism but try to keep your ears open. This person might be offering a tip that will make all the difference the next time you try to achieve your goal.

The second kind of criticism is harder to hear. Too often, it comes from people we love or respect, but by the time they are finished talking, we feel worse than when they started! We can chalk it up to lousy communication skills, or a negative attitude on their part. In the end it doesn't matter. We are often left feeling disempowered. Try to realize that they mean well, but may not have learned how to give quality criticism. Or maybe they don’t care enough to try. Whatever the case, look for any tips in the feedback, and remember they're probably trying to help.

Ranters, Ragers, and Power Vampires. You know who these people are. They try to suck away our personal power by attacking our character. We've all heard them, and the ugly things that come out of their mouths: "You played like $@%$!" "Are you blind?" "Only an idiot would have done it that way!" It's hard to come away from this type of criticism with a sense of pride or self-esteem intact. It might help to remember that power vampires often act this way because they've been disempowered for much of their lives.

Once you recognize the different types of criticism, you're in a better position to field it when it comes your way. When you understand where the other person is coming from, it makes it easier to decide how—and if—you want their words to affect you. That choice gives you power.

About the Author:  Skye Genaro is the author of teen paranormal books "Supernatural Summer" and "Echo Across Time", the first book in the "Echo Saga" (December, 2013).
When she's not writing she's usually looking for an adrenaline rush. She loves to rock climb and whitewater raft. Skye lives in Portland, Oregon.
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Connect with Skye:

Supernatural Summer
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Goodreads blurb:  School’s out in Santa Barbara and Summer Desilva's got her eye on the hottest guy in high school. But every time she gets close to Joshua, Summer's new paranormal ability betray her feelings! How is she supposed to flirt with him when her power makes things mysteriously bursts into flames?

When Summer tries to control her poltergeisting, it only creates more havoc, and her family is no help. Summer's hippie mother wants her to embrace the gift while her nine-year-old brother takes every opportunity to torment his freakish sister.

Summer is determined to keep her ability a secret from Joshua and takes a huge risk when she sets out to make Joshua hers. But when things get steamy between them, sparks literally fly.

Is Joshua adventurous enough to take a chance on Summer, or is her gift a supernatural deal breaker?

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