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Review - The Sword of Hope: Destiny Awaits by Christopher Bryant @TheSwordofHope


The Sword of Hope:
Destiny Awaits
by Christopher Bryant

Book Blurb:  This is the story of two boys, one who is destined by the stars to walk a path laid out by destiny.  The other, who is simply the help, will step out from the shadows and prove he’s more than just the help.  The Sword of Hope is a growing up tale for the two boys, Christian and Tiberius.  The boys set out to the Forest of Lost Emotion to face Gmonkis, but find that their enemy is not quite what they expected.  The real enemy, their mission, is beyond the borders of their small town surrounded by trees.

About the Author:  My name is Chris Bryant. I am 27. This is my first book and will not be the last. I'm an artist as well, so when the idea for The Sword of Hope popped into my head, I was ecstatic about writing the story. When drawing, I have to pay attention to all the little details. Each part tells a story. I believe that this is the reason I like writing so much, because I'm able to take those little parts and tell their story. I have been writing since I was little, always short stories about action or adventures I'd have liked to be on. My dream has always been to be able to get one of my stories published. This is my first full length story. I can’t wait to see how people like it.

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My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 unicorns - I really liked it!
**Book gifted to me by author for an honest review

Okay let’s start with the cover because that’s where we start with a book, right?  I think is definitely leads you towards picking up the book.  My son says it is neat and makes you think of adventure.

I originally set out reading this book with my son, but it is summer vacation, and my son would rather be outside with his friends.  So he is still on chapter 7, but I went on and finished it because I was tired of waiting for him.

My son really likes this book so far, but chapter 7 has him confused.  I’ll come back to this though.

The world that Christopher has created is really unique because it is a combination of modern technology mixed into this magical fantasy land.  Christian and Tiberius are great characters that act like normal boys where one minute they are serious and the next they are laughing and doing silly boy things.  There is all sorts of action with tests, battles, sword & axe play, magic creatures, and the overall battle against evil.  This book does use the term hope fighting which is not explained.  I asked the author about it because my son asked me, and it is explained later in the series when it becomes more relevant.  Right now you are just supposed to be curious about it.  :)  

This is definitely a YA book; however, it is a bit advanced in language and descriptions for someone my son’s age.  He is 12, and he is not the best reader because he mixes up letters and words confusing his understanding.  I think the book is great because it’s wording is not simplistic so it is great for building vocabulary.  It covers topics of hard work, overcoming fear & obstacles, and not to lose hope when things get difficult. 

I definitely will continue reading the series, and the book will go to my classroom with me to share with my students in my classroom library.

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