Thursday, August 22, 2013

Featured Freebie - Lady of the Moon by Mary Gillgannon

Lady of the Moon
The Silver Wheel #1
by Mary Gillgannon

Goodreads  blurb:  As the Romans threaten to overrun Britain and conquer her people, Sirona, a young Drui in training, seeks to use her visions to change the course of history. Along the way she encounters great danger and has her deepest beliefs challenged. Aiding her are her fellow students, Bryn, who loves Sirona and wants to be a warrior rather than a Drui, and Cruthin, who is obsessed with seeking out the mysteries of the Otherworld.

Lady of the Moon is the first part of The Silver Wheel, an epic tale of the Celtic Britons and their struggle against the invading Romans. Combining history, romance, magic and mysticism, Lady of the Moon celebrates the eternal, elemental forces that guide all our destinies.

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About the Author:  I was born in northwest Illinois and spent my early years climbing trees and the headstones in the nearby cemetery and exploring the lush green world of dairy farms, meadows and wooded areas that still existed in rural America in the 60's.  My father was a minister at a small country church, and I always say my sisters and I grew up like the Bronte girls, living in the world of nature, books and our imaginations.  We moved to Iowa when I was ten but by then my internal world was already more satisfying than the real one.  I was pretty much a misfit—a hippie chick/intellectual rebel in a world of wholesome, sports-minded conformists.
I eventually moved to Wyoming, attended the University of Wyoming and after a brief stint in Venice, CA, married a Wyoming native and dedicated outdoors enthusiast.  Since there are few other places in the world where my husband could indulge his passions for trout fishing and antelope hunting less than an hour from our house, I'm probably here to stay.

After several jobs in public relations and advertising, I finally found my niche working in a public library and writing in my spare time.  I began writing fiction in 1990 and sold my first book in 1993. Despite the demands of raising two children (now grown), by 2002 I had published ten historical romances.  This last year, I began republishing my backlist as ebooks. I also began self-publishing my unsold manuscripts, including two new romances and a historical fantasy novel available this fall.  
I especially enjoy writing about the dark age and medieval time periods, and I have a passion for all things Celtic.  The reason for that became clear to me when I came upon a letter written by my great-grandfather.  In it he explains that his family (the Logans) were druids and the family name came from a sacred hanging stone off the coast of Cornwall.  Well, of course—I was obviously a Celtic priestess in another life!
When I'm not working or writing I enjoy reading, traveling, spending time with my family and pets (a dog and four cats) and gardening.

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