Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Blog Blitz

Guest post from D.L. Hammons' blog Cruising Altitude 2.0:

I think this looks like a great idea to build confidence for new bloggers and get a network up for bloggers, readers, and authors!
:)  ~Cassandra

This is D.L. Hammon's blog post:

The other day I was reminiscing about a different time, back when I was a kid, before the youth of the world spent their free time in front of televisions or game consoles like digital zombies.  I would play outside with the other neighborhood kids in an open lot or nearby park and we would make up simple games that required no gear, no apparatus, and no complex rules, just our bodies and the endless supply of adolescent energy.  Games such as Red Rover, Red Light Green Light, Hide and Seek, and a personal favorite…Tag!  Of course back then we called it something else, which today would be considered politically incorrect, but the idea was that someone would be tagged as IT and they had to try to avoid being caught, wrestled to the ground, and piled upon by everyone else.  It was both terrifying and exciting, all at the same time. 
That got me to thinking (which isn’t always a good thing), and I wondered what would happen if we tried something like that here in the blogosphere.  No, I’m not talking about squishing the Ninja out of Alex J. Cavanaugh underneath the cumulative weight of us all.  But what would it be like if the support, encouraging nature, and community spirit of the blogosphere were ever focused on a single blogger? A few of us have experienced that sort of attention via book launches or other publishing announcements, and still others have achieved that level of awareness through the popular blogfests we host.  In most cases there is a lot of work that goes into generating that amount of interest.  What I'm talking about is being suddenly thrust into the spotlight, without even lifting a finger. What would it feel like to be the recipient of that kind of exposure? Could something like that even be possible? Can the power of the blogosphere be harnessed and directed?

Everyone knows I like to try new and different things, so today I present to you the BLOG BLITZ.  Here’s how I see it working.  Sign up on the linky list below, making sure to record your email address, and you’ll instantly become a member of the Blog Blitz Team.  Then from time to time, I will select a deserving blog (that must be part of the Blitz Team) and a specific date.  I will then email the team members that information and on that date we all will go out of our way to visit that blog and leave an encouraging comment on their most recent post.  I'm talking about hopefully a 100+ comments appearing out of the blue in one day!

At first I'll pick who gets blitzed, but then I'll start taking recommendations from other members for deserving targets. My only restriction about who joins the Blog Blitz Team is that your blog cannot be primarily for commercial gain.

This will only be successful if everyone reading this spreads the word and gets as many bloggers as we can to join the team.  Once your signed up, display the banner above proudly on your own blog.  
 Blog about the Blitz.  Tweet about the Blitz.  Facebook the Blitz.  Then sit back and wonder...

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