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Review @valeromance - Burn Baby Burn by Catherine Vale

Burn Baby Burn
by Catherine Vale

Goodreads blurb:  When the curvy dragon shifter suddenly loses her ability to fly, and finds herself hurtling to the ground, Adalyn must admit, she's one hot mess. Unable to escape the city without wings, she goes on the war path to find out exactly who is responsible for her inability to shift.

A few hours later, she finds herself drowning her sorrows at the local watering hole. What's a girl to do when she has nowhere to go, and no one to call for help? She falls into bed with the sexiest man in town, of course. Except the guy isn't exactly able to help considering his reckless behavior is the reason why she can’t leave.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…

All hell is about to break lose when Adalyn finds herself stuck in a rather unusual predicament. If she wants her shifting ability restored, she must help her new partner pick up a package and deliver it to the Order Of Protection.

Sounds pretty easy, right? Except the package is a baby, and her partner, well… he’s a whole other problem.

What happens when two stubborn, wildly passion dragon shifters are forced to work together? For Adalyn it’s simple; complete the mission, and get the hell out of town. But you know what they say about the best laid plans...

About the Author:  Catherine Vale has been writing fiction for as long as she can remember, but it wasn’t until she wrote her very first paranormal romance story that she found herself hooked on the raw, edgy love affair of shifters, vampires and other dominant alpha males and the captivating women that love them.

Catherine Vale writes both contemporary and paranormal romance for readers who are willing to take a walk on the wild side of love.  Her stories always include powerful alpha males, smart and sassy heroines and a happily-ever-after (even if she often put her characters through hell to get there!)

Connect with Catherine:

My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 Unicorns - I really liked it!!!

***Received the ebook for an honest review

The cover is very hot quite literally, and I like the effect!

This is a standalone dragon shifter book, so you can read it anytime.  It is of course for adults only due to the steamy content.

Adalyn is a fiery dragon shifter whose curiosity causes quite the predicament.  She is a female with spirit, and I love her feisty personality.  Christian is your typical bad boy.  Initially, you aren’t sure whether you should love him or smack him, but he found a place in my heart.

Catherine Vale always creates beautiful stories.  Her creativity and imagination amaze me.  I always know I will enjoy her stories.  The ending for me was anti-climatic, but I think that’s because I was imagining other possibilities.   

I recommend this fabulous story to any dragon shifter fans because you will enjoy this story :)

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