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Review @JessaSlade - Warrior by Elsa Jade (Wolves of Angels Rest #4)

Wolves of Angels Rest #4
by Elsa Jade

Goodreads blurb:  After the mating moon sets, the trouble is only beginning…

Thunder Cole may be the last of his kind. He’ll help his distant shapeshifter kindred with their werewolf hunter problem, but then he’s moving on -- alone. Until he meets Elizabeth Rowan.

Bets became “Auntie Fate”, a fake psychic tarot reader, to support her orphaned niece, but she doesn’t believe in the woo-woo magical world. Until she meets Thunder Cole.

Both of them think their second chances are long gone. They couldn’t be more wrong. But a bitter enemy on a quest for vengeance against the wolves of Angels Rest may destroy everything they love.

A doubter will believe, a warrior will rise, and passion will rule the day

WARRIOR is a standalone bbw werewolf shifter paranormal romance with a HEA for the curvy older heroine and her hero. Some of the other characters first appear in the preceding books of the Wolves of Angels Rest series: HERO, JOKER and ROGUE.

About the Author:  Pen name of Jessa Slade,  Introducing Elsa Jade(from Jessa’s website):  It rains a lot here in the Pacific Northwest where I live, and we have lots of jokes about various things “sprouting like mushrooms”, and apparently one of those things is pen names.

This year, I launched a new “me” for reasons. The primary reason being that it amused me, which as far as reasons go, seems as good as any. (If you are an aspiring writer, please do not follow that reasoning.)

So now that Elsa Jade has a few words behind her name, I thought it was time to share her with you

Connect with Elsa (Jessa):

My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!!

***Received the ebook for an honest review

The cover is beautiful :)

This is the fourth book in the Angels Rest series.  It is a novella.  This is for adults only due to the steamy content.  You can read this as a stand alone book though that’s not what I recommend.  I recommend reading the series in order because it makes the characters richer and more developed, and you will understand them more :)

This one is different from the first three books, but all the characters are still part of it.  Of course this is Thunder and Aunt Betsy’s story.  The story is has plenty of action and steamy scenes mixed with humor that had me chuckling while reading.  I was pulled in and didn’t stop until the end.  I definitely hope the characters continue to make appearance in future books because I like them all.  Can’t wait to see who is next :)

I recommend this series to any shifter lover because there are a great read :)  If I were you, I’d check out the whole collection because I’ve enjoyed all the ones I’ve read thus far.

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Interested in reading???

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