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Review @ZoeChantebooks - Lion's Hunt by Zoe Chant (Rowland Lions #1)

Lion’s Hunt
Rowland Lions #1
by Zoe Chant

Goodreads blurb:  A curvy woman who longs for adventure + a daring lion shifter on a dangerous mission + evil experiments in a secret lab = one action-packed romance!

Cassie Shaw spends her days shuffling papers and dreaming of travel, excitement, and romance. She has no idea that her seemingly dull office is a front for something secret and sinister... or that her true love is about to walk in the door.

Billionaire lion shifter Seth Rowland left his business mogul family years ago. Now he travels the world, visiting remote places where he can roam as a lion. But he’s starting to realize that he doesn’t want to be alone forever. When his CEO brother asks him to investigate a dangerous enemy, Seth is more than willing to come back to civilization.

When the gorgeous man shows up at Cassie’s office pretending to be from the IRS, she's eager to help him. But Seth is shocked to realize that Cassie is his fated mate... and she seems to be working for the enemy! Can Seth and Cassie join forces to unravel a web of deadly secrets? And when Seth is imprisoned in a lab that experiments on shifters, can he and Cassie save each other?

Lion’s Hunt is a sizzling hot, standalone BBW lion shifter romance. No cliffhangers!

About the Author:  Zoe Chant loves writing paranormal romance. Over a cup of tea (or something stronger) she whips up sexy tales of hunky heroes and adventurous heroines to tantalize and satisfy her readers. Sizzling hot romance, no cliffhangers!

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My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!!

***I choose what I read and review based on what intrigues me!!

The cover is what grabbed my attention to buy this one!  Zoe has some amazing covers!  But I am biased if they cover has both beautiful beasts on it!

This is the first book in this series, and I already love it!  Seth is intense but easy going.  He is a loner but has no trouble racing back to help family when needed.  Cassie is a workaholic who dreams of travel.  This is another one of Zoe’s fabulous HEAs that makes me happy to read them.  I love imagining everyone having an HEA for themselves.  Zoe always has the perfect mix of action, steam, and intrigue to keep you reading until the end, and then you will want more!

I highly recommend reading this book to all my shifter lovin’ friends especially if big cats are special to your heart!

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