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Review @AshleeSinn1 - Lured by the Bear by Ashlee Sinn (Alaska Shifters #1)

Lured by the Bear
Alaska Shifters #1
by Ashlee Sinn

Goodreads blurb:  Derrick Ward has always wanted a mate. When all of his friends settle down and start a family, he wonders if it will ever happen for him. Brandt, his clan leader, has some females in mind, but Derrick refuses to accept a forced mating. And now the time has come for the shifters to reveal themselves. Derrick fears that once the world knows he’s a grizzly, he’ll never be able to find that right person to fill his den.

Julia Housten has been in love with Derrick for years. Still recovering from the negative reputation her father left behind by his failed challenge for clan leader, she worries that Derrick will never accept her as a potential mate. So when she has an opportunity to do something good for the clan, she can hardly contain herself when she learns she’ll be working with Derrick.

The International Shifter Coalition is moving forward with the big reveal while Julia and Derrick discover just how perfect they are together. But with the reveal comes a danger they hadn’t expected. A new threat that could tear them apart looms nearby, and it will take the whole clan to protect everything, and everyone, they love.

*This story contains strong sexual themes, sensual shifters, and delicious romance for insatiable appetites. It is intended for a mature audience. This is a stand-alone novella with no cliff-hanger. * 

About the Author:  Ashlee Sinn fancies all creatures of the paranormal persuasion, especially those who like to bite. Her steamy romances tend to feature swoon-worthy heroes and kick-ass heroines. Whether its vampires, shifters, or demons, the women who keep them in line have a special place in her heart. And in her chaotic head.

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My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 Unicorns - I really liked it!!!

***I choose what I read and review based on what intrigues me!!

The cover is pretty awesome, but I do love having both beasts on the cover!

This is the first book in the series, but it seems this is a spin-off series from the Callaghan Clan.  It is of course for adults only due to the steamy content.

I stumbled onto book 2 when I was looking around for something new, and I was intrigued and the sale helped.  I picked them all up, but I wish I would have known to read the other series first because I bet it would have made things click more.  I will definitely be reading those.

I really liked Derrick and Julia, but I felt like I was missing pieces to the back story.  I think I would have loved this if I read the other series first.  I don’t like feeling like I’m missing things when references are made.

I recommend this book to bear lovers, but if you are like me, you might want to read the other series first.

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