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Review @tyrabbisaurus - The Trouble with Antlers by A.J. Culey (Shifter High Season #1, Episode #1)

The Trouble with Antlers 
Shifter High
Season #1, Episode #1
by A.J. Culey

Goodreads blurb:  In a high school full of shifters, it's the one inquisitive human who poses the biggest threat.

When a human is the only applicant for town veterinarian and moves to Shifterville with his teenaged daughter, Amelia, the town residents conspire to keep the humans in their midst from discovering their secret. If only they can keep Melvin away from Amelia.

Melvin Moose has a problem. Anytime a girl gets too close, his antlers go on walkabout, popping out of his human head at the most inopportune moments. As if that weren’t bad enough, a human girl just enrolled at his school, and if she catches sight of his unruly rack, it’s all over for Shifterville.

Warning: This book contains typical teen language, which does include the occasional swear word. It is also full of rampant, teen hormones and the subsequent fallout.

This is season 1, episode 1 of the Shifter High series.

About the Author:  A.J. Culey is a teacher, world traveler and writer. She is a fan of books, bunnies and cats (and also blue hair, but that's another story). 

Connect with A.J.:

My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 Unicorns - I really liked it!!!

***Received a copy of the ebook for an honest review

The cover is quite amusing, and it is definitely what attracted me to investigate the book.

When I asked the author if she considered this a serial, this is what she told me, “Shifter High series is a serial in the sense that there’s an overarching plot for each season, which won’t be fully resolved until the end of that season. However, each individual episode has its own plot and can work as a stand-alone novella.”  This can definitely be read by teens.

This book had me laughing at everything that was happening in this high school.  I don’t want to give anything away, but I was definitely entertained and can’t wait to read more of this series.  I liked the author’s writing it was easy to be pulled into the high school drama and feel for the characters even if you chuckled along the way.

I recommend this to anyone who loves shifter stories especially when it is combined with teenage chaos.  I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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