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Review - Can't Bear to Run by Lynn Red (Kendall Creek Bears #1)

Can’t Bear to Run
Kendall Creek Bears #1
by Lynn Red

Goodreads blurb:  Raine Matthews used to be quirky, fun and slightly goofy. She’s not allowed to be any of those things while she is firmly under her husband’s thumb. Her only reprieve comes from distant memories of a man she saw only once six years ago. In that instant, Raine knew there was something special about him. The memory of that twinkle in his eyes, of his careless smile, gives her a shot of hope at her darkest moments.

She knows the only way to survive is getting away from her husband, no matter what. And in the back of her mind, she can’t shake the feeling that somewhere, somehow, she’s going to see that mysterious stranger again.

Daxon Mark is the frustrated, irritated, sexy-as-hell alpha bear of the Kendal clan. Trapped between shuffling truces with other bear clans, and the meddling of an overbearing shifter council, he can’t shake the feeling that the woman he saw six years before is what he needs to stay sane. He's teetering on the edge and when a bear as big as Dax goes nuts? THAT ain’t something anybody wants.

With Raine on the lam and Dax trying to escape the confines of small town politics, the two of them finally meet again – in the most romantic of places – in the toilet line at a concert.

With a glance, he steals her heart, and with a word she sets a fire in his soul. But with trouble brewing back in Kendal Creek and Raine constantly looking over her shoulder, will these two fated mates find their peace? Or will fear, loss, and murder rip the pair apart before love is allowed to bloom? 

About the Author:  Lynn doesn't love anything more than being wrapped up in a hammock with her corgi on her stomach and a pile of her favorite books to read. And by "pile of books" she means "a kindle."

She loves all sorts of romance, but especially ones that feature big, strong alphas who will stop at nothing to prove themselves to the women who melt their hearts.

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Connect with Lynn:

My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 Unicorns - I really liked it!!

***Received the ebook for an honest review

The cover is very sexy with both of those beasts on the cover :)  Awesome!!!

This is the first book in a new bear shifter series.  I love the humor and quirkiness that Lynn always puts into her books.  She always entertains me when I read her stories, and this book is no exception :)

Daxon is an alpha bear who is just tired of drama, and he is unhappy.  Raine is lost, and she has been trapped for a while, and now she is trying to take her life back and what an adventure we get to tag along for.  There is action, drama, jerks, and a few questions or mysteries that are rolling around in my head.  I can’t wait to read book 2 to see what happens with Daxon and Raine :)

I recommend this to all of Lynn’s fans and to any bear shifter fans because you will find something to enjoy while reading :)

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