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Cover Reveal @ShanAshleeT23 - Death Before Daylight by Shannon A. Thompson (Timely Death #3)

Letter from author,  Shannon A. Thompson

It’s here!  It’s here!  The final cover of The Timely Death Trilogy has finally been released.  A special thank you goes out to Clean Teen Publishing and this lovely Member of the Dark who is helping share this message today.  Minutes Before Sunset, book 1 of The Timely Death Trilogy, re-releases on July 28 – with an all new interior and exterior – and both are beautiful.  Seconds Before Sunrise follows on August 25, and Death Before Daylight (the only novel of the trilogy to never see the shelves before) is finally getting it’s day . . . hehehe . . . Well, it’s releasing September 15.  Even more exciting?  You can win prizes throughout all of these events and more by becoming a Member of the Dark . . . or a Member of the Light.  Check out the details below!  I look forward to speaking with you!

Shannon A. Thompson (a.k.a. SAT)

Death Before Daylight
Timely Death #3
by Shannon A. Thompson


Two eternities. One ending.

"Harmony would only come with destruction."

The moment Eric and Jessica are reunited, they are torn apart.  After the appearance of a new breed of shades and lights, the powers shift for the worse, and all three descendants find themselves face-to-face in the Light realm.  When Darthon is in control, the last thing everyone expects is to finally hear the truth.

While Jessica learns the reason of her creation, Darthon's identity is exposed to Eric—and only Eric—and Eric can no longer defend himself.  With the eternities of the Light and the Dark resting on Jessica's shoulders, she must choose who she will be—a light or a shade.

In the end, someone must die, and the end is near.

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