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Review @ruby_madden - Shifter: Grizzly Part 1 by Emerald Wright (Grizzly #1)

Shifter:  Grizzly
Part One
Grizzly #1
by Emerald Wright

Goodreads blurb:  PART 1 of a SERIAL! Novelette length (13,000 words) approx 40 eReader pages...

Cassidy is no longer an aspiring author. She hit the big-time, money-wise with her paranormal erotic romance shifter titles that are all the rage. She's a success!

With her finances secure, she is taking a break from the genre and revisiting a former dream of writing the great American novel. First, she needs to get her latest book completed and in the hands of her publisher, ASAP. There's just one problem, she's switched out the last three chapters and needs them to be edited. But her editor isn't available. What's an author to do?

Help comes in the shape and form of Abe. New to town, a seasoned editor and ruggedly handsome, he's not only willing to take on the editing job, he can do it fast. When they meet, the chemistry is instant and Abe is drawn to the curvy writer. 

About the Author:  Emerald is the pseudonym for Ruby Madden, an erotic fiction author who's been writing scintillating & steamy reads delighting her readers since 2012.

Emerald, like many authors, can't live without chocolate, coffee & orgasms. Not always in that order, just depends on the day! She lives in the gorgeous Pacific NW and has a huge soft-spot in her heart for all of God's creatures in the animal kingdom.

She can be both ridiculously silly and playful as well as deadly serious (day job). She's fairly certain she manifested a famous cartoon character into existence during her early twenties when hanging out on the Cal Arts college campus with her then boyfriend. Long story short; a famous animator would often ask her to talk in her 'cartoon voice'.

Since her day job can be so challenging, stressful and rewarding; she loves to escape into the luxury of writing sexy, romantic stories, connecting with readers & making friends in the author community.

Connect with Emerald:

My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 Unicorns - I really liked it!!!

The cover is definitely appealing with the sexy chest and the beautiful grizzly on the cover :)

I bought this ebook back on February 1st about two weeks after it was published and before the price changed to free :)  This is a novella serial series meaning it publishes in parts but they are all part of one whole like a TV series with episodes.  This is about 40 pages and a quick read, and you can get it for free so bonus for you :)  You should be aware that this serial is not complete at this time, so if you are a reader who does not like to wait for the next part, you may want to hold off on reading until it is complete :)

I totally enjoyed this read.  This is hard to explain, but I felt good reading it :)  Maybe it is being a BBW woman myself, but I can’t quite put into words why this book just made me feel happy reading it…especially the pool drama because Cassidy rocks :)  This book doesn’t have a ton of action, but at no time did I feel bored or like it was slow.  It was plain and simple a great read :)

This is my first time reading anything by Emerald Wright, and I can’t wait to read more :)  Her writing makes you feel like you are right there seeing everything happen and both Cassidy and Abe are wonderful characters and I really like both of them already and can see myself falling in love with their story as it goes.  Her writing is like eating comfort food :) just wonderful :)

I recommend this story to those people who love a good shifter read and who don’t mind it in the form of a serial :)  I’m off to read Part Two now :)

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