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Review @DBReynoldsWrite - Betrayed by D.B. Reynolds (Vampires in America #5.5)

A Cyn and Raphael Novella
Vampires in America #5.5
by D.B. Reynolds

Goodreads blurb:  Love, the ache in your heart when you meet the one. It can take you to soaring heights; and it can leave you bleeding in the wreckage. Loyalty, the thing which binds a Vampire Lord to his children for eternity ... unless it rots from within, birthing hatred. Betrayal, it comes in many forms and from many sources ... love ... loyalty ... betrayal. War has come to the North American vampires, and Vampire Lords are reaching across territorial lines to strengthen allies and weaken enemies. The most powerful Lord of them all, Raphael, could change the course of the war and determine who raises the final banner of victory. But at what price? And will his mate, Cyn, be the one to pay it?  

About the Author:  D.B. Reynolds is the award-winning author of the popular Vampires in America series, as well as other paranormal fiction. She lives with her husband of many years in a flammable canyon near Los Angeles, and when she's not writing her own books, she can usually be found reading someone else's. 

Connect with D.B.:

My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 unicorns - I really liked it!!

***Received the ebook for an honest review from the publisher

The cover is very sexy with that look in Raphael’s eyes. 

This is a novella that is about 90 pages, and it is about Raphael and Cyn.  This is an adult series with the sexual content it contains, so no kids or teens.

This story does not have as much action as D.B. full novel length books have, and this is added information that is mentioned in one of the other books, but no details were given in that book because they are all contained here.  It does give you information about Duncan’s replacement and Raphael’s relationship with Lucas too.  I think you definitely want to read this because if you are like me and reading a book and it mentions something happening that you don’t recall reading about…you may start thinking you have to go back and read all of the books again to see if you fell asleep…lol!  Okay really I just can’t stand not knowing….it is my curious nature…I just want to know :)

As always D.B. is just amazing with her descriptions and the story just comes alive.  She also writes sex scenes that make the pages smoke while you are reading them :)  I really do love this series, but I definitely prefer her action packed stories more :)

Even though you do not have to, I recommend reading them in order, so you can see everything happen and connect better with the world D.B. creates and its characters :)

I highly recommend this series to vamp lovers especially if you like complex storylines and lots of awesome characters.

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