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Serial Review - Claimed by the Alphas: Part Five by Viola Rivard @ViolaRivard (Claimed #5)

Claimed by the Alphas:  Part Five
Claimed #5
by Viola Rivard

Goodreads blurb:  Making up isn’t easy, but with two weeks alone and the days growing colder, Mila and Caim aren’t about to sleep apart. Alone time with Caim is better than she could have anticipated, but emotions are running high between her and his 'favorites'.

Caim enacts his vengeance on the cat that accosted his mate, inadvertently jeopardizing the welfare of his pack.

Claimed by the Alphas: Part Five is 17,500 words of werewolf/BBW romance. It is the fifth entry in the Claimed series, chronicling Mila Foster's efforts to hold her new pack together by accepting the claim of both of its alphas. The series contains strong sexual themes and ménage romance, and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

About the Author:  I spent the better part of my childhood in a small town in the Appalachian mountains. Although I moved to the big city, there will always be a part of me that wants to run barefoot through the forest and hop from stone to stone across a wide, clear river.

I have always been a dreamer, and may have meandered through life in a daze, had I not been diagnosed with leukemia at age twenty. I survived cancer, but the part of me that was willing to settle for idle fantasies did not. Galvanized, I decided to follow my dream of becoming an author. The results have been greater than anything I could have ever dreamed.

Whether you’re following your dreams, or you’re just trying your hardest to get through the day, I hope that just for a little while, I was able to take you to another world.

Connect with Viola:

My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!!

The cover is awesome :) and I love that it isn’t the same cover over and over as some serials and even some series do :)  Each is unique and beautiful :)

This part is probably my favorite so far.  Tons of action and conflict, and Caim is getting better and better.  I no longer want to slap him frequently :)  I don’t want to give anything away, so I won’t ;)

Viola does an awesome job in her stories, and what I really love is she does an awesome job at wrapping up the end of each story where you know there is more, but things were accomplished and it is not like you run into a brick wall because you know the stop sign is coming.  Very masterfully done :)

I love this serial and I recommend the bundle to all my shifter loving friends :)  Awesome story that you shouldn’t miss :)

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