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Review - Bearly Breathing by Lynn Red (The Jamesburg Shifters #4)

Bearly Breathing
The Jamesburg Shifters #4
by Lynn Red

Goodreads blurb:  ***Limited time - only 99c! Regular price 3.99!***

Bear-shifting, rogue biker Orion Samuelsson is on the run and nursing more than a little bottled up rage. For years, he’s been haunted by the cruel, brutal leader of his old club, the Dirty Devils. Love? Happiness? All distant fantasies. That is, until he lays eyes on a gold and black lynx-shifter dashing through a river.

Clea Kellen is the owner of Jamesburg's most popular daycare. And on top of that, she’s a lithe, witty, pointy-eared lynx shifter whose biological clock is tick-tick-ticking away. Even though she’s part-time mama to a whole bunch of bouncing cubs, one of her own is a forgotten dream. That is, until she catches a glimpse of a golden bear with pale brown eyes, watching her in the distance.

On a daycare camping trip, Clea’s whole world – in the form of a giant fir tree – comes crashing down. She dives to cover one of her cubs, sure she’s done for. When she finally opens her eyes, she can’t believe the massive, golden bear standing in only feet away with fire in his eyes and a tree on his back.

As he stares into Clea’s soul, straining under the fallen fir, Orion’s buried desire for a mate, and a family to call his own, burns deep in his heart. Right then, he knows he’s found her. He knows he won’t rest until she’s his, until he possesses her, takes her for his mate... forever.

But, with Orion on the run from his former gang, and Clea’s brain telling her to put on the brakes while her heart is screaming for her to hit the gas, will these two fated mates give in to love... and to each other?

***The Jamesburg Shifters is a series of standalone novels - NO CLIFFHANGERS HERE!***

About the Author:  Lynn doesn't love anything more than being wrapped up in a hammock with her corgi on her stomach and a pile of her favorite books to read. And by "pile of books" she means "a kindle."
She loves all sorts of romance, but especially ones that feature big, strong alphas who will stop at nothing to prove themselves to the women who melt their hearts.

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Connect with Lynn:

My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 Unicorns - I really liked it!!

***Okay I did volunteer to receive the ebook for an honest review, but while reading it I had to buy it for myself so I did :)

The cover is definitely yummy, but I wanted to see the tattoos.  I also think the bear should look more like described by the lovely Lynn, but that’s just my thinking :)

This is another awesome and action packed Jamesburg shifter book.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading :)  Lynn always has humor mixed into her books which I love.  I love when an author can make me tear up for a character’s pain or laugh out loud.  It is always great when you can connect enough with the story and characters to share their emotions.

This story with Clea and Orion was a great story.  Clea is a sweet heart when taking care of all the cubs, but will do anything to protect them and the ones she loves.  I love that she is vulnerable but strong all at the same time.  Orion is fierce but soft when it comes to Clea which I find endearing.  I particularly loved the lake scene, but you definitely need to read it because I don’t want to ruin it for you.  Atlas also has a happy ending, but you will have to read to see what it is. 

I have really enjoyed this series (even though I haven’t yet read book 1, which is silly because I own it…lol) I recommend this series to all my shifter lovin’ friends especially if you already love Lynn Red, and I especially recommend to my friends who hate cliffhangers because Lynn doesn’t write those either :)

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