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Review - The Thousand Year Curse (The Curse Books#1) by Taylor Lavati @taylorjlavati

The Thousand Year Curse
The Curse Books #1
by Taylor Lavati

Goodreads blurb:  Being a teenager isn't all fun and games for seventeen year old Ryder. After being thrown down the social hierarchy, Ryder Mason has one goal for her senior year- survive.

Within the first month of school, Ryder goes from bullied teen to a cursed half goddess with two boyfriends. As if that wasn't enough, she travels into the Underworld to confront Hades about the curse and her missing mother.

Ryder delves head first into a Godly world as her two knights fight to seek her approval, her best friend's loyalties are tested and people's true intentions are shown in the first Curse Books novel.

About the Author:  A college student in her small town in Connecticut, Taylor loves everything having to do with literature. She is an avid reader, a blogger, a writer- obviously, and a reviewer. Her favorite genres are fantasy, paranormal, young adult, and romance.

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My Thoughts - 3 out of 5 unicorns - I liked it!!!
**Author gifted a copy to me for an honest review

The original cover was definitely intriguing, but there isn’t much significance to it.  The new cover has a stunning blue eye, and you all know I have a thing for eyes ;)

The story of the curse is an interesting story; however this is the first book in the series and has a lot of information about the world and characters.  It has some very slow parts that tend to happen with the first book in a series.  I also wished there was more action happening throughout, but that’s just my style :)

Ryder is attracted to both Ollie & Ari, and they have a very long history that she is learning bits and pieces of as she goes.  I really feel bad for Ryder because she is bullied and picked on at high school relentlessly.  I would never stand for things like this happening in my classroom, but the teachers never seem to notice. 

The mythology mixed into this book is a unique perspective and mixes in a love triangle to boot.  I see indecisive dating all the time working in the high school.  They don’t know themselves well enough to know who they like best.  Lots of great high school lessons for kids built in.  There is one sex scene, so I’m not sure what the cutoff would be for YA reading, but just wanted you to be aware.  ***Talked to the librarian at the high school, and she says this book is not for high school students because of that one chapter.  So this is for NEW ADULTS!!!

I think we are going to see great things happen in this series in the next book.  I already have a student who is interested in reading my book next.  I can’t wait to see where it goes next; I’m hoping for more action.

I recommend this story to the older end of YA readers who love mythology and high school drama and dating drama.

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